My good little eater

I just wanted you all the share in our fun breakfast this morning. Wes and I just laughed and laughed – which, of course, makes Holden laugh and try to be even funnier. Holden ate loads of mush and toast this morning and loved it. He seriously ate more than I did. I love that he’ll eat whatever I cook. He has a wider palette than most adults I know. And before you tell me that this will change as he becomes a toddler – save your breath to cool your own porridge! I know this may change but I’m going to revel in it while I can. It’s so nice not having to cook two different meals every time we eat. I love it.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with our food philosophy or whether it’s just him. I guess we’ll see in time. We never feed him baby food. The food in jars at the store just look homogenized and creepy to me. Roast beef that has the same liquidy texture as peaches grosses me out. So I actually never bought any baby food from the store. Right out of the gates at 6 mo he was eating table food just mashed up. I did blend up and freeze (in ice cube trays) a variety of foods to try out my own hand in making baby food but even that has texture that more closely resembles the actual food than the stuff you can buy at the stores. And this only lasted a few weeks because as soon as he got teeth, he wanted more to bite into. He loves all fruit, especially peaches and berries; all vegetables, particularly spinach and broccoli; he’ll eat lasagna, falafal, shwarmas, musaka, hamburgers, any variety of pasta and any kind of Mexican food.

He doesn’t seem to like yogurt. He loves tomatoes and anything salty or really sweet. He gets sick of chicken pretty quickly. And plain wheat bread bores him – he likes it toasted with butter.

Alas, I may be feeding him only PB&J’s when he’s a toddler but for now, I am truly grateful that he’s so adventurous with food.


4 thoughts on “My good little eater

  1. Is he related to Frank? The only thing Frank claims to turn his nose up at is “rotten onions” which turns out to be raw onions, but only the white ones. And only raw. Keep feeding the kid everything – I think it does carry on.xoxos,Sj

  2. Yay! I hope he stays like this! You will be much luckier than I at the dinner table! Well, Lauren and Parker aren’t so bad… Anyway, can you believe it – I’ve actually updated my blog. Miraculous, I know! I thought I would let you know since you have been so bored with my “slackerility” – take that, Wes! Yes, it’s my own made-up word, but since I graduated in English, that’s allowed! Kiss Holden for me…Thinny

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