Seriously? Delilah?!

I mean, come on!
Does anyone with a shred of intelligence listen to her? I may be ruffling some feathers here (hopefully – I do love controversy!), but I can’t imagine anyone with any kind of intelligent thoughts in their head turning on Delilah in the evenings and thinking, “Man, there’s no better way to end my day than with lame, sappy, pathetic, smarmy love stories, partnered with history’s crappiest soft rock! And the deep profundity of the insights offered by the radio callers is inspiration in its purest form. Wisdom and romantic perception, thy name is is ‘Delilah.'”

And by all indications, this is really how Delilah is in real life. Check out her fluffy autobio on her website:

If you had the constitution to make it through that entire snippet without offering up your lunch to the porcelain god, I salute you.
I have the same overriding gripe about the schlock on her show that I do about the horrific indie/emo music that’s polluting our airwaves: if you have to contort and manipulate your voice in an effort to emote, then what you have to say/sing is worthless. If your message itself isn’t compelling or powerful enough to cause a genuine emotional reaction, it’s criminal to try and force that emotional reaction by enfusing your own voice with faked theatrics.

Despite the fact that some of my best friends listen to Delilah religously (on Sundays I can’t get Kevin Leggat to shut up about how “awesome” the previous night’s Delilah segment was), I defy anyone to convince me how Delilah’s show is in anyway defensible.

(If you’re not familiar with the show, consider yourself lucky. If you’re curious as to why the huge stink about a radio show, tune into COSY 106.5 any week night to find out. Don’t get me wrong – I listen to COSY because I loves me some Phil Collins, Hall & Oates, Lionel Richie, and Christopher Cross. But when Delilah comes on, I stop my car wherever I’m at, get out, throw my keys into the night sky, and walk the rest of the way. Kevin will usually drive my car home for me at that point because he’s always jonesing for a chance to listen to Delilah.)


5 thoughts on “Seriously? Delilah?!

  1. LOL! I have to agree with you on this Wesley. I have only heard her a few times and every time, I have shut my radio off because I thought it was too fake. I do however love Dr. Laura. She will tell you how it is. This is just my opinion.

  2. Wes – You’ll be glad to hear she’s just scored a book deal with some romance novel company to write a series of non-fiction paperbacks based on the show. And, that my friend,comes from favorite radio source – NPR. She’s even found her way to the sap free airways…Sarah Jo

  3. I was wondering who Kevin was calling Saturday night…asking to choose a song to dedicate to you, Wes (so I guess that means your song is “Suddenly” by Billy Ocean…weird). BTW, I man-tagged you, Amber. You love being tagged almost as much as you love going to jewelry parties!

  4. Woah.I was actually listening to Billy Ocean today at work! “Suddenly,” “Get Outta My Dreams,” “Caribbean Queen”,”Love is Forever” – all awesome tunes. Kevin must have impeccable taste in soft rock artists. “Suddenly, life has new meaning to me. There’s beauty up above and things we never take notice of. Wake up and suddenly, you’re in love.”-B. Ocean

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