Greatest Post-Season Comeback Team Ever Does It Again

I was “stuck” at the Fleet Foxes concert last night and was only able to watch the Red Sox v. Rays game 5 of the ALCS into the 5th inning. With the Sox trailing 7-0 in the game, and 3-1 in the series, it looked like the Rays would be moving on to the World Series for sure. But for the last 2 innings I was glued to the glow of my phone, refreshing the at-bats every 20 seconds. Papi (finally) came through for a huge 3-run homerun, and J.D. Drew woke up for a 2-run HR (both delivering in the post season like they did last year). Coco Crisp singled in the tying run (after an 11-pitch at-bat!), and when Youk managed to get on 2B after a Longoria throwing error, J.D. Drew, again, came through with a ground-rule double to score Youk for the win.
I guess there were a ton of Sox fans who left at the end of the 7th inning when the Sox were down 7-0. They should know better. Reminds me of when Payne and I were at Game 2 of the Jazz v. Warriors series when the Jazz battled back with under a minute to go (with D. Fish entering the arena in dramatic fashion) to force the game into OT where we eventually won. Sooooo many fans left when the Jazz were down 5 with under a minute. Jonathan and I scoffed at them all from our seats in a luxory suite – both because they were giving up on the Jazz, and because we were obviously better than them because of our VIP seats.
This was the greatest one-game comeback in post-season history, and what better team to do it than the Sox! I don’t particularly expect the Sox to win the next two games (the Rays are absolutely for real), but this game sure felt good.


2 thoughts on “Greatest Post-Season Comeback Team Ever Does It Again

  1. That was amazing. What a come back. That would have been an amazing game to go to. I would have been jumping up and down screaming, if the Sox were the team I was cheering for. I don’t have a favorite team.

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