How to Host a Murder

Last week my family did a “How to Host a Murder,” set France in the 40’s. I was a haughty, tempestuous French princess and Wes was an American black market runner/hit man. We thought he looked just like Rhett Butler!

I had a french accent the whole time and it turns out I was the murderer. So that was cool.

I like seeing people “act” as someone they are not. I think it’s fun to see people in different shoes. Wes had a good time too. I think that’s why we get into Halloween. We love dressing up.

This year, Holden is going to be a bat. But we haven’t decided what we should be yet. What accompanies a bat? I could pretend Holden is a vampire bat and go as a “bitten” woman. Haha, that would be funny. The first year I met Wes he was a vampire and I was a woman he bit. And Holden really does like to bite me. He hasn’t yet drawn blood but that’s not for lack of trying. đŸ™‚

Anyway, do you have any ideas for what I should be? What are you going as?


7 thoughts on “How to Host a Murder

  1. I wish I could have been there! Wes totally looks like Rhett. Awesome! “Frankly, Madame, I don’t give a dear!” By the way, you’re not supposed to say that you were the murderer. Now we all know and when I play that game I will know the french woman is the murderer. Ah, man!!!

  2. The picture of the murder dinner. Looks like the game Clue. You both looked awesome. I think you should go as the “bitten” women. That would be a good match.I am going to be Maleficent again and Ayla is going to be a puppy dog. We don’t match at all.

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