Why I Love My Man

I have been Man-Tagged by Becca so here it goes:

What is your husbands name? Wesley (Wessie for everyday, Wes for when I’m all business, Weeeehhhhs for when I’m whiny, and Wesley for when I’m getting after him)

How long have you been married? 2 1/2 years

How long did you date? We dated for a record-breaking 8 months before we got married! I never thought I’d be that girl. But we were so that couple. When you know it, you just know it.

How old is he? I think he’s 27. I robbed the cradle all right? Back off! I couldn’t help myself.

Who eats more sweets? We’re both sugar babies but I think that would have to be me. Or Holden.

Who said I love you first? I did – over a tea pot.

Who is taller? Hello! If I married younger I had to at least marry taller. He’s a perfect height – 6’3″ but he pretends he’s 6’4″.

Who can sing the best? Is it really best when there’s only two? I think it’s better. Anyway, we both like to sing but I do it more often. He loves music and knows way more about it than I do.

Who is smarter? Wes graduated high school with honors without even lifting a finger. I did but only because I studied my guts out. College was the exact same. He’s naturally smarter than anyone I’ve ever met. He knows how to do everything.

Who does the laundry? We share that responsibility – as with most chores. Wes is amazing at being a true equal partner. He’s the best dad in the world and the best husband.

Who pays the bills? I do. That way I get to yell at him for spending $10.00 for lunch when I spend $60.00 on my hair. I like this arrangement.

Who mows the lawn? Wes does. I love the perfect grass lines he creates. Everything he spends time doing, he does perfectly!

Who cooks dinner? I do mostly – but he always cleans up!

Who drives? Wes thinks I’m the worst driver ever. And I have to confess that my driving record would support that theory, so when we’re together he drives πŸ™‚

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I would say that’s me – I’m very matter of fact about when I screw up. It takes Wes a little longer to come around when he’s at fault (which is rare) but he always does.

Who kissed who first? Ummm, I think it went something like this – Amber: “Are you going to kiss me?” Wes: “Um, uh, well yea! I was getting around to that!” Amber: “Well I have to work in the morning so I can’t sit around all night waiting for it!”

Who asked who out first? Wes asked me out and was hilarious about it. I loved talking to him on the phone. I said no, since I was seeing someone else, but he was undeterred. He kept calling me and I was so impressed with his persistence that I finally agreed to go out with him! The first night we went out I knew that I loved him.

Who wears the pants? Wes lets me take the lead but his stubborn, oppositional defiant side keeps me in check from being too bossy.


I am tagging Heather, Jaime and Trisha

The rules for this tag: answer questions about your spouse, list names of people you are tagging in your post, then leave a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged.


8 thoughts on “Why I Love My Man

  1. I love the “who pays the bills?” question. It goes something like that over in this house, too! So fun to learn more about you and Wes!

  2. what?! i’m so proud of you for doing the tag–now are you interested in some multi-level marketing? wes will always be wehees to us (or however lily says it). you guys are 2 cute 2 be 4gotten!!!

  3. Very funny! Just wanted to let you know we made our blog private and since I don’t have an email for either of you I couldn’t add you to the list! I need an email.

  4. Ok, if you don’t see that Michelle’s written a Man-Tag blog soon, you’ll have to tag her, as long as belated tagging isn’t an infringement of couth Blogger etiquette. I wanna see what she says about me πŸ™‚

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