Holden’s Kissing Cousin

Holden is now walking. I would show a video of this but Wes is the technologically-advanced one in the family (next to Holden) and hasn’t taught me yet how to post these things. It will be coming soon though. But you’ll see who Holden is walking towards below. This is kind of like a video….

This is Olivia, Holden’s cousin once removed. He’s totally obsessed with her. And she plays so nicely with him.

But if you know Holden, you know he only wants one thing: to bite you. He was appropriately dressed up for Halloween as a vampire bat. He loves to come in like he’s looking to kiss you and then lock his 8 teeth into you and bite. It’s terribly painful and terribly funny.

And he’s got the Warren persistence in him. He’ll just keep at you until he’s got you right where he wants you – and then “kiss and chomp!”


6 thoughts on “Holden’s Kissing Cousin

  1. What a ladies man!! I was hoping for some pictures from the big birthday bash. :o) I can’t believe he is already one. Yeah, we have baby number two on the way. I have about 8 weeks left and we are having another girl. This pregnancy has definitely gone so much faster than the first. You just wait. What are your Christmas plans? We should plan to meet up.

  2. I wanted to let you know I left some peppermint bark on your porch.I didn’t put a tag on it because I did a million of them for family and friends. I hope you found it and didn’t throw it away because you didn’t know where it came from. If you did oh well. I just want you guys to know we were thinking of you guys this Christmas. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Yes, I still am nursing but wish we were done! She just won’t give it up. I weaned Emma at this age, but Keira is not interested in stopping. We had a great time on the 23rd and I was so happy Cyndi and her family could make it!! Yes, you need to plan a trip out! We miss you.

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