Go Diego!

I turned on Cartoons last night for Holden in a desperate effort to finish dinner. Holden gets inexplicably cranky around 6:00 PM. He’s not hungry, he’s not poopy, he’s not ready for bed, ???? Anyway, I feel quite pleased with myself that I have gone 13 months without relying on TV as an entertainment source for my kid. And I realized last night that even if I had, it wouldn’t have worked. Holden could not have been less interested in Go Diego. He looked at it for five seconds and then moved right out of the living room to come stumble around underneath my feet in the kitchen.

I guess I should feel pleased he likes me so much. But I sure wish something would capture his attention for more than 5 seconds. We go through toys and rooms like you wouldn’t believe. We probably need to get out more; but when you’re working from home it seems overwhelming to leave the house. I feel thrilled when we make it to the gym twice a week.

Anyway, my munchkin is calling….


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