The Two Ways Car Guys Advertise

There seem to be two types of car ads on the radio.The yell sale and the personal appeal. The yell sale is the loud, booming voice that sounded like someone (the same someone for every car ad) recorded it in a silo. The other is when the owner or GM of the dealership gets on the radio himself and tries to mimic the yell sale without the silo. I think they mean to sound sincere but it usually comes off as manic and crazed.

My approach to dealership advertising right now is humor. I think, especially right now, silly, catchy or funny spots go further than the “you must come in to buy a car or we’re going to kill your first born” or “the economy is so bad but we can still get you approved for a loan if you’re lucky” spots.

I mean, does anyone really need to be reminded of how dire our economic situation is? And do they really think that threats are going to increase showroom traffic?

I guess I shouldn’t complain. Their ads make mine more noticeable. If they were all silly and funny and clever, I’d have to go out and find silo.


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