VFX Rep With the Social Conscience of a Jellyfish

Get this: I work from home running White Rabbit Advertising LLC, right? That way I can spend more time with my 14 month old son, but still work, which, I love (and thus bring in half the income, stay sane, converse with successful adults, feel self-satisfied, etc.)

So this rep from the station KVFX – which is a pretty hot station if you freaking live in LOGAN, which I don’t – calls me and pitches me on a marketing “opportunity” for Volkswagen SouthTowne. If I sound bitter, it’s because I am. I’ll get to that I promise.

So he (I wish I could remember his name – he obviously made an impression) proposes that VW SouthTowne advertise with VFX because they’re the hottest thing in town (um their frequency is super weak in SLC Metro mind you and they are DEAD LAST on Arbitron radio rankers. Anyway, so he pitches the idea that we loan them a car and have it go around to all the hottest clubs where they are from 10 AM – 3 PM. And that the VW SouthTowen sales reps can be there and talk to people about the dealership.

Aside from the ridiculous notion that anybody in the club scene would care to make time for a car sales person while they’re out doing their thing, and aside from the fact that this station is virtually non-existent in Salt Lake City, it’s not totally out of whack for a dealership to do this kind of trade.

In my head I was thinking: We could have the car wrapped and get some dealership branding presence if it wouldn’t be too much money. So I told the VFX rep to email me the details and I would go over it with the General Manager the following week. That’s where I thought the conversation ended….but I was wrong.

This VFX rep calls up the General Manager of the dealership and says: “I need to work directly with you. I don’t know who Amber at White Rabbit Advertising thinks she is, but she didn’t even listen to what I was proposing. She cut me off and didn’t even seem interested. And it doesn’t seem very professional for her to have a kid in the background while she’s talking on the phone with me.”

This is the part where my head explodes.

This is the part where the women’s lib movement didn’t take us working moms far enough.

This is the part where I am reminded why I am a feminist.

The GM of VW SouthTowne, bless his fantastic heart told the VFX rep to shove it. I think his exact words were “This conversation is over. Click”

4 tips for sales reps:

  1. Don’t insult your media buyer.
  2. Don’t insult the intelligence of your client who hired the media buyer or marketing consultant.
  3. Pull your head out of your sphincter before you speak.
  4. Have some respect for women who are trying to juggle more things in one day than you have to juggle in a month.

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