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How to Work From Home When Your Toddler is Sick

I became an expert today what to do (and what not to do) when you’re trying to work from home and your toddler is sick.

  1. When your kid wakes up and you find him covered in regurgitated raspberries so red you think he’s bleeding, don’t feed him breakfast. He’s probably not done.
  2. Stay home. Don’t try to go to the gym. Don’t try to go to the store. Don’t get him all dressed with socks and shoes and a jacket after his bath because the moment you cross the kitchen floor towards the back door he will throw up and it will go all over you. Not to mention the kitchen cabinets.
  3. Don’t throw all the barfed-on clothes in the tub. You will want to take a bath in there later because you’re going to be exhausted after this day.
  4. Do let your toddler take a long, long nap. This is the only way you’ll get work in.
  5. Work at lightning speed. This is where having paid attention in your 5th grade typing class comes in handy. Typing 80 WPM in 2 1/2 hours during his nap (I swear) is the equivalent to working an 8 hour day in the office.
  6. Walk away from your computer when you kiddo wakes up. He won’t let you work anyway so you might as well embrace it. And him.
  7. And only when you must, feed him the B.R.A.T diet until you’re sure you won’t need to do any more emergency loads of laundry.

One thought on “How to Work From Home When Your Toddler is Sick

  1. Great tips here, thanks for the post. It is indeed a big deal when kids get sick and you don’t have those many sick days or for that matter just cannot take a day off, working from home is an option but that too is very difficult because the kid is often more clingy than ever. Just working smarter and faster is what works – as you say “at lightening speed”
    Good luck – sure is a tough day and some tips would help anyways!

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