Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Pool

I wish I had a picture of Holden yesterday at the Lehi Legacy Center Pool. On the spur of the moment, we decided to go swimming with Papa Ted and Nana Lois down in Lehi. We hustled down there, bought a $7 swim diaper, because Holden’s baby one was too small, and a $5 pass and thought we were going to have the time of our lives watching Holden splash and play in the water.
Have you ever been to the Legacy Center? They have this huge bucket of water that fills up and then dumps all over the kids area. It’s totally cool to watch. Totally not cool to get dunked by it. That was the second mistake I made. I sat with Holden near the kids area with our backs to the big bucket and we got dumped on by the bucket.

The first mistake was letting Holden walk on the sidewalk by the pool, he totally slipped on the floor and fell on his bum. That really ticked him off. And then getting dumped on basically ruined his life. After that, he was terrified of the Legacy Center. He had both arms wrapped tightly around my back. Everytime I tried to remove them and switch positions, he’d start this lip quivering thing that broke my heart – and then started bawling. Not even Papa Ted could make him happy.

The only thing that slightly amused him was watching the babies go down this water slide mountain. He never let go of me, but he would crack a grin if the babies jostled and bonked a little down the slide. He must have my sick sense of humor.

PS – I haven’t updated this blog in forever. I am focusing my attention on my personal/work blog https://alicesworld.wordpress.com. Catch you later!


2 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Pool

  1. I am sorry it didn’t turn out. I would have thought the same thing with Ayla. That place looks really fun to go swimming at.That is hilarious that Holden was laughing at the babies bonking and being jostled.

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