New Things About Holden

I haven’t posted for a while about all that my little guy is doing. So here are some new things about Holden:

Poor Holds is teething: And this time, it’s not just one tooth. It’s like all his lower teeth all at once. I don’t know if he’s getting his uppers yet because he won’t let me see. All I know is that he’s in a lot of pain.

He loves going outside: The only thing that makes him happy is going outside. Good thing it’s good weather right now. He can say about 15 words: He says Mama, Daddy, Dedee (Holden’s name for himself), Popcorn (sounds like tkl tkl), Ball, Dog, Nana (for Nana Lois), one, two, three, and on. Just cute little words.

He loves the daycare at the gym: He can’t wiggle out of my arms fast enough now. We get to the gym in the morning and he takes off like a speeding bullet towards the slide. It’s so funny. Guilt-free work out for me.

We have to go, go, go: Right now since eating holds no pleasure for him (teething), we just have to get out. He loves running errands, playing outside and just going.

Holden loves to read: For someone who has no attention span with toys, it’s interesting that he likes to read so much. But really, he can’t stand listening to the whole book. You have to speed read to satisfy him.

TV is a no go: I didn’t let Holden watch TV for the first year or so of his life. But now, when it would be nice to have a little peace while I’m trying to make dinner every night, he doesn’t like it. Seriously, he can’t hold still long enough to care about it. It was the same thing with binkies. I didn’t let the hospital give him one and then when I figure out it would be nice to cork him, it was a no go. Oh well. Probably a good thing.


4 thoughts on “New Things About Holden

  1. The teething thing is never very fun. Bailey actually had the hardest time out of the three. Cooper I didn’t even know he was teething until they popped through, so that was a welcome change from the month of pain. He sounds like such a cute, fun little boy.

  2. I can’t believe how much the lil’ guy has grown up. That’s funny that he’s not interested in watching TV…smart boy. Books are always better, especially when read very quickly.:)

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