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Recession Trends Apparent in Advertising

Has anyone else noticed a shift in marketing during these Tough Economic Times (TET)? Everybody’s jumping on key terms in their advertising like “stimulus money, bail-out, conserving, recession.

We went to Winger’s for dinner tonight and I saw a Citibank commercial that made me laugh. It shows different people giving advice on how to save money and spend money smarter. Somehow Citibank, which of course is a credit monger who wants nothing more than for all of us to spend stupidly, tags themselves on the end of this. Like they are on the forefront of supporting this decrease in spending.

And then I thought about the Mastercard commercials. The “for everything else there’s Mastercard” ads that made you feel stingy for not buying your spouse a Porsche, your daughter a pony and your family a dream vacation. These ads epitomized the oppulence we’ve felt entitled to as a nation. The message was clear: “don’t be silly, of course you can afford it. That’s what your credit card is for.” I love marketing. It’s so absurd.

Advertising always follows cultural trends. Some say they start them. I’m in marketing and I know they just jump on things as early as possible to make it seem like they start them. Pay attention to ads and tell me what you see happening. I hope you find signs that we are all becoming more realistic. More careful. More grateful.


One thought on “Recession Trends Apparent in Advertising

  1. I have to say that if I see one more variation of “Yes, You Can!” in an advertisement, I MIGHT just have to jab my eye out! I wasn’t a fan of the campaign that used the phrase in the first place… Now that it’s being used in every avenue possible (airlines, clothing stores and more), and thus far the new administration hasn’t seemed to be a fan of responsibility, consequence, ownership, prudence, etc., it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Just sayin!

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