My Little Anti-Vegetarian

My son is a meat eater. A carnivore through and through. He used to eat vegetables – broccoli, sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus were his favorites – but now he looks at me like I’m nuts when I offer them. I try to sneak them into his mouth behind chicken so he can’t see them, but as soon as he tastes it, he pulls out the offending greenery and, disgusted, drops it off the side of his high chair.
I think all this meat eating is changing his personality. He’s more aggressive and demanding now. He’s still sweet though – loves giving kisses and all that – but I’m a little worried he’s going to turn into a caveman. Me love meat!
Maybe this is a boy thing. Maybe his body is craving what his body needs . . . does that sound right? I’m not sure. It sure is making him strong, though. He pulled and pushed this huge industrial cart all around Honeyville Grain. And try putting him down for a nap when he’s not in the mood; he’s so strong he can leave bruises. LOL I’m making him sound like a monster. But seriously. He’s amazing. He’s now walking up AND down stairs, not crawling. He holds onto rails and insists on going up and down like a big kid. He’s such a big kid. My big, wonderful, loving, barbarian viking.


7 thoughts on “My Little Anti-Vegetarian

  1. loved it! thats hillarious…dude what did you eat when you were pregnant with him? i ate MEAT GALORE and miss arden loves it. if you could have seen holdin testing the fake food in nurshry it would have melted your heart…the sweetest thing.

  2. Well, at least he’s a true boy, through and through, you can tell already. I would guess that you would take that over the alternative.

  3. Sounds to me like he just a growing boy. He is so cute and fun to watch cruising around the church. That is so awesome that he can walking up the stairs now.

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