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A Dealership That’s Actually Doing Well

It’s a shame that when Legacy Auto (my previous employer) when under, news cameras and reporters were dying to the get the story. But when a dealership is actually doing well in this market, no one is interested in covering it. Well, if you’re someone who loves watching the news for all the negative, depressing stories, this press release is not for you:

South Jordan Dealership Boasts 200% Increase Over Last Year

In Midst of Receding Economy, Sales at Volkswagen SouthTowne are at an All-Time High due to New Management and Advertising

Salt Lake City, UT – March 3rd 2009 – The US car market is at its lowest point in 25 years. Specialists say 2009 will be among the toughest years ever faced by the 20,000 new car dealerships in the U.S., with sales of cars and lightweight trucks projected to shrink by as much as 37%.[1]

Yet despite receding economy, sales and profits at Volkswagen SouthTowne have never been higher. The South Jordan dealership reports sales are up 200% from last year.

“Since December, Volkswagen SouthTowne has been experiencing an increase in traffic and sales,” said new General Manager Jeff Davis. In an industry when most dealerships are down, many are closing its doors, we’ve been really fortunate to have the kinds of vehicles that people want to buy at prices they know are fair.”

December 2008 marked the date when Volkswagen SouthTowne hired General Manager, Jeff Davis. Davis immediately went to work changing the culture and mindset at the store.

“Outside, there can be economic crisis, lay-offs, depressing news, bad weather and people with negative attitudes; but inside Volkswagen SouthTowne, only good things are happening. We are educating our employees on the best ways to do business. We’re focusing on building long-term relationships with our customers, maintaining the highest levels of integrity with everything we say and do, and making sure we don’t let negative influences get us down.”

Davis also ramped up advertising efforts in December 2008 when many dealerships trimmed up their marketing budgets. “I’m a big believer in advertising, especially in this economy,” said Davis. “Advertising throughout a recession has a bigger impact than at any other time.”

With the help of White Rabbit Advertising, Volkswagen SouthTowne launched its new ad campaign using German mascots “Hans and Franz” in its print, radio and online advertising, a comedic duo who just “love German engineering” and “want to pump you up” about Volkswagen SouthTowne.

“Hans and Franz’s positive, friendly and happy attitude really embodies the core of what we’re all about at Volkswagen SouthTowne,” says Cliff Willits, General Sales Manager. “They love our cars, they are happy, they are sincere, and they care about the things that matter to our customers. Plus they’re funny. They are one of the many ‘good things’ about Volkswagen SouthTowne reflected in our slogan: Where Good Things Happen.”

The dealership is also benefiting from a strong manufacture. Volkswagen is one of few manufactures that is projected to be profitable in 2009 despite a severe crisis in the global auto industry.[2]

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Volkswagen SouthTowne is a new and used car dealer specializing in providing cars for all people, including those with credit challenges. The dealership is located just off the 106th exit on I-15 at 11000 S Frontage Road in South Jordan, Utah 84095.

[1] Bivol, Alex (November 28 2008) “Talking Business: Car industry skids. Three is company: can Detroit keep all of its carmakers alive through the current crisis?

[2] Times Free Press (February 14th 2009) “VW Predicts year will be profitable”


4 thoughts on “A Dealership That’s Actually Doing Well

  1. I just heard on NPR today that they were looking for stories that were positive. They were asking for submissions. I think it’s called “Hard Times”. Look for it on under All Things Considered.

  2. Speaking of VW, can I just vent for a moment and say that for the past three days I haven’t left the office earlier than 2:30 (but I had to stay until 6:30am on Sunday) working on that account? It’s taken my soul. Interesting to hear how White Rabbit is promoting them.

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