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Scrapbooking Books for the Non-Scrapper

I’ve been writing some copy for a Scrapbooking company called Scrapbooks, Etc. and have been falling in love with their products. I’m meant to talk other people into buying their personalized announcements, books, etc. but I’ve been talking myself into it in the process.

Scrapbooks, Etc is owned by Meredith Corp, which owns like every parenting, motherhood and women’s magazine and cookbook you’ve ever heard of. They work with a local SLC database marketing company called Rastar for their books and that’s how I got involved. I’ve written the product descriptions on their personalized wedding guestbooks and a couple missing descriptions for their wedding stationary.

But the coolest thing for moms are their customized photo books.

@ Photo Book

@ Photo Book

I’m WAY not a scrapbooker but I love photo books because you can capture the pictures you love, without spending all the time, money and effort in gluing and stamping and all those things that I’m way too impatient for. Plus you end up with a professional book that will last forever. Unless you let your toddler play with it.

I Wish Photo Book

I Wish Photo Book

I made a photo book for Holden last year. It was so much fun. But the hard part about making a photo book for your kid is knowing how to make it look artistic and beautiful. Parents end up dumping like 20 pictures on each page so you get distracted and confused when looking at it. And words make books meaningful, but sometimes you don’t know what to say without being cheesy or verbose. I love my book for Holds but after studying these books I can see my mistakes and can’t wait until he’s 2 so I can do his next one.

They have a book specifically for new babies that prompt you with what text and type of pictures to inclue. They have ones for the whole family – which I’m really digging. And a really beautiful one for a wedding book. I never did a wedding book. I think that might have to be my un-birthday treat to myself.


One thought on “Scrapbooking Books for the Non-Scrapper

  1. Okay, I’m sold! Where do I sign up??? You’ve inspired me out of my long hiatus from scrapbooking.

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