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Which Reusable Diapers are the Best for Me?

I’d like to make the transition from disposable, stay-in-landfills-for-500-years diapers to cloth diapers, but I don’t know which ones to buy. Here’s my reasoning for making the switch:

  1. I’m (finally) feeling guilty about how many plastic/paper products I use and how many nasty “disposable” diapers I’ve added to the landfills.
  2. I’d really like to save money in the long term.
  3. I feel like if I start now, now that I’m very used to diaper changing and will soon have my boy potty training (he’s 16 months), I’ll be used to it by the time I have another one.

So I’ve been browsing online and reading up on reviews and I’m still as confused as ever. If I’m not mistaken, there are a few leading types of reusable diapers. You’ve got the g diapers that are biodigradeable and flushable. You can seriously flush the inserts in the toilet.

us_gbaby_homeAs you can see, they are super cute. You simply add the inserts and then flush them each time you need to. The starter kit comes with a swishie thing to help you swish the inserts around the toilet so it dissolves.

Here are my concerns about the g Diaper:

  1. Will my toilet in my old house be able to handle flushing all those inserts?
  2. Is it really going to save me any money. If I go through 5 diaper inserts a day, I’ll be spending the same amount of money I am now . . . not including those $18 diaper covers

Then there’s the All-In-One diaper.

bg-grasshopper-aioThis one is the BumGenius and sounds great, but I’m confused about the insert. Is it removable? When they have a mess do you just take the insert and launder it? Or do you have to wash the entire diaper every time (since it’s all in one?)

And then there’s the Pocket Diaper. It seems like for sure, this one you have to wash every single time your kid soils it.

fuzzibunz-pocket-diaper-redI want a diaper that you don’t have to wash the “outside” everytime. I want one that has some sort of removable insert that you wash everytime but the outside you can use for a couple days. Is that even possible?

It looks you can use pre-folds to line any of these diapers, but you can just buy diaper covers and use the pre-folds with them. Is that right?

prefoldpackageIt sounds like this may be what I want. You can launder the pre-folds easily, and they’re cheap. And then use the diaper covers until they are soiled and then wash them. Is this what I want?


14 thoughts on “Which Reusable Diapers are the Best for Me?

  1. Alice, I’m stumped. Wish I could help.

    Smugly, snugly I can report that our diaper stage was years ago. We used mink fur diapers and no one batted an eye. PETA was virtually non-existent.

    But you, dear girl, have PETA and the Green monster to contend with. My sincere sympathies.

  2. Thats a rough one… those G Diapers sure are cute. I would like it if you tried one of these out and then let me know how it worked out for you! I was thinking the same thing about our old houses and flushing… pretty sure its not happening!

  3. The BumGenius ones I told you about will have the washable insert that you could lay on top of the pocket (instead of putting it inside) and then launder the outside less often. However, truth be told, if you’re doing a load anyway, it’s kind of all the same. I used to try to wash the outsides less often, but it’s sixes in the end. I’ve wondered if the BumGenius All-in-One, rather than the pocket diaper/one-size-fits-all (which might be smart considering your next baby will start out considerably smaller…) BumGenius style that we have would be easier. You just throw the whole thing in the wash; no folding, no separating, easy as pie. I’ll be curious to find out which one you settle on. I think the most important thing though is to be realistic about how much time you want to put into it, because if you’re all gung-ho at first and determined to be green and whatnot, but then it just really sucks folding and washing a million diapers, it just won’t happen.
    Here’s the link to the 21-day trial of all the different kinds:
    Also, feel free to come over and check out the ones we have; I went to the diaper store at least half a dozen times to check them all out before I bought ours!

  4. Wow, you are impressive! It kind of reminds me when I was a first time Mom and insisted on making all of my own baby food from scratch. By baby #2 that desire completely disappeared. But kudos to you! Let me know what you decide!

  5. My sis-in-law recently switched with her 4th kid. She uses the pocket diaper/fuzzy buns, but she also took some kind of class so she could make her own as well. This is what she said about them:
    “I’ve taken care of the poopy diapers, and it’s not bad. All you do is dump out the yuck, then throw the diaper into a “wet bag” or diaper bin. They come out perfectly clean in the wash. Amazing. There’s also a “diaper sprayer” that attaches to your toilet so you can even wash it off if you want.”
    Good luck. She really seems to be fine with it, but I still think I’m just WAY too lazy.

  6. My friend also did research and I think she went with G Diapers. I can’t be of much help. I’m excited to hear that you are going to start potty training!

  7. I love cloth diapers since I have changed. I agree that there are so many out there. I am currently using the indian cloth prefolds, they are wonderful. If you are serious about it, go to the website the Derrek suggested or to Both of these are local, so you could just go and pick them and talk to them about what you want. Not to mention, that you will not have to pay for shipping and handling either. Let me know what you decide. Hope all is well. You miss the neighborhood.

  8. So I basically had the same question. My sister is having a baby in January and is still so unsure. I want to know for when I have children which is probably soon. I don’t want to have to wash the whole diaper every time. If I’m out-and-about then I’ll have to carry several of those diapers which seems like a hassle. Then when they are soiled, I’ll have to carry those. I want to be able to use the “outside” for the whole day and just change the “insides”. I do a lot of running around and adventuring such as hiking and camping. If they are going to be a problem then I might-as-well stick with those horrid disposables.

  9. Ok so here’s what I did: I started out with pre-folds and a waterproof cover. This held the wetness in pretty well and it is a pretty cheap option. You can just throw the pre-folds in the laundry and use the outside covers until they need to be washed. The downside to this is that the wetness just sticks like glue to the kid. So then I tried Bum Genius All-in-Ones that were super cute. I liked them, but you have to wash the whole diaper which means you go through a lot of them. This gets expensive. AND my kid peed through them like crazy. It was like he didn’t have a diaper on at all. We finally got so frustrated we went back to disposables…..

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  11. This is a really hard decision with every brand that is out there. Personally, I am still sticking with G-diapers when our baby is born, until I hear something great about another brand. I do wish that g-diapers made an all-in-on instead of having to repurchase for each weight category. With my family, the g-diapers flush-able inserts will be an easier way to win them over to cloth diapering. Check out craigslist for local sellers trying to sell their lots of cloth diapers, you can get great deals.

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