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What I Want is a Peaceful Soul. What I Need is a Bigger Gun.

I am starting to wonder whether President Obama is the personal, celebrity marketer for gun companies. Gun sales have skyrocketed since his election. Obviously this is from fear from Obama’s anti-gun history but, seriously, gun companies could not have picked a better marketing campaign. Though it may be low on his list of priorities, everyone has picked up on the fear that Obama will restrict and/or control the acquisition of guns, so everyone is buying them up like hotcakes.

I wish I could say I am not a sheep. But I totally am. I’m all over guns right now because I am totally afraid that if the Pres has his way, the only people who will be able to get guns will be the criminals.

There are studies that suggest that areas that have the most restrictions on people owning guns have the highest rates of gun related crime.  But where guns are accessible to the public, gun crime is very low. It makes sense to me – if I were a criminal, I probably wouldn’t break into a house where I knew they had guns. Especially in Utah since it’s a “stand your ground state,” meaning you don’t have an obligation to retreat if you feel you’re being threatened on your property.

There’s something appealing to me about the Wild Wild West days; having people carry guns around to protect themselves and their family. There’s also something dangerous and frightening to me about that. I’m interested to know how other people feel about guns and gun control.

PS – the quote for the title is from my 2nd favorite show Life. Best detective show EVER!


7 thoughts on “What I Want is a Peaceful Soul. What I Need is a Bigger Gun.

  1. It’s a proud day for me as a husband. I’m a huge proponent of pro-gun laws. I love guns – mainly because I’ve taken the time to educate myself about them. I didn’t grow up with guns and didn’t shoot a handgun until just a few years ago. (I shot a .22 at scout camp when I was 13 – I nailed a quarter, dead center, from about 50 yards away and I still carry it on my key chain.)

    I can’t help but think that anti-gun laws are born from one of two things: blind left-wing faith, or an ignorance/fear of firearms. And a factor underlying both is a misunderstanding of the constitution.

    One of my best friends who grew up in very-liberal Oregon had a bishop was was also very liberal. He once said something that I think will become a reality and should be of particular interest to latter-day saints. When speaking (off of the ecclesiastical record) about his opposition of anti-gun laws, he noted, “I believe in the orderly distribution of my food storage.” It may sound cliched or lame, but I think a food storage without a way to protect your family’s possession of it is unwise.

  2. Thats funny… Caleb and I kind of want to start stocking up! But maybe Caleb is just using it as a reason for me to let him buy them…

  3. I’m with you. But I’m more worried about this nuclear disarmament wave that seems to be sweeping across the rational countries in our globe.

    If we could all sing along to the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Live Together” and everyone could be trusted, I’d be totally for disarmament. Except, umm, we don’t live in that nice world. Put another way, I’m worried about Obambie (and therefore, us). The WSJ ran a great article about it today, FYI.

  4. I don’t think I can express my feelings properly in comment form so I won’t go into great detail. I believe that this issue can be heated and both sides use propaganda to further their cause which is unfortunate. I respect those who do want a gun or do want a gun in their home. However, I do not want a gun. I don’t want a gun in my home. I don’t feel I am uneducated about the issue yet do realize I am not an expert on the subject. I think the common belief that “Obama is going to take away our guns” is a flawed sound bite that uses fear to gather political momentum. I support Obama’s agenda of repealing the Tiahrt Amendment which I do not believe infringes upon the 2nd amendment.

  5. P.S. I love Life. And I have a major crush on Daniel Craig, so as long as Obama doesn’t take away his fake guns on the 007 movies – I’ll be happy.

  6. I agree with Anna on all accounts (that’s not the first nor last time I’ll say that). I hate propaganda in all its forms. I respect those who want no part of firearms in their home as long as they respect my right to own as many as I want. The Tiahrt Ammendment is a very unfortunate piece of legislation that needs to be repealed. While I’m not as afraid of Obama taking my guns away as many people are, his record in regards to gun control is a little appalling and very disconcerting to anyone who takes the 2nd amendment seriously. But he’s the president now, and his power and governing influences all Americans . It’s a different ballgame and your politics do change, even if your ideology may not. I don’t believe he’ll really screw over the constitution as badly as some fear he will. He hasn’t shown me that he’s unwilling to serve the whole of the nation.

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