He’s Back – With Jazz Hands

Students of some of the finer forms of international dance will instantly recognize some of the regional influences Holden incorporates into this particular interpretive dance piece. Marrying roaring 40’s dixieland dancefloor moves, indigenous Central African tribal war ceremonies, and Bible-belt, mega-church holy-rollers, Holden expresses with a fluidity of motion a richly emotional message that, although words fail it in every regard, can be best interpreted as, “Mom! I need a nap and I got poops in my pants!”


8 thoughts on “He’s Back – With Jazz Hands

  1. Almost as funny as Holden’s grooves is your art critic intro; I loved it. By the way, we have a pass to the zoo that gets another mom and babe in for free if you guys ever want to join us; I heard 70s all next week!

  2. Wes, I’m still laughing at your review. You forgot the “football player during warmups” influence as well. That fancy footwork is remarkable!

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