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Biggest Losers Running in Salt Lake City Marathon

I love this season’s Biggest Loser: Couples. I’ve even blogged about how everything you need to know about working you can learn from the Biggest Loser. So I’m sure you can believe my excitment that my business is coming face to face with two of Biggest Loser contestants. Blaine and Dane are running in the Half Marathon this Saturday in Salt Lake City.


The marketing agency for the Salt Lake City Marathon called me in to provide PR assistance a few weeks ago. With everything that’s been going on they needed some extra reinforcement. We’ve gotten a lot of press coverage that’s positive lately and it’s been really rewarding. I love working on this account (I worked on it about four years ago as well). The race people are great to work with and the hype and thrill of race day is unbeatable.

So anyway, we got an email from Blaine a few days ago asking if he and Dane could run in the Half Marathon as a pre-run to a full marathon they’re running in a few weeks. I get to facilitate all interviews of them on race day (provided I document everything for the press woman at NBC) and I’m so excited! This is the strange part of reality TV. They feel just as famous to me as any other TV star.

Anyway, wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it goes.


6 thoughts on “Biggest Losers Running in Salt Lake City Marathon

  1. ahhh….so this is where you’ve been all my life! ok, now i’m following your cool hippity hoppity blog (get it-white rabbit??? i’m so funny, you can’t even stand it!). so now i’ll be in the know with your cloth diapers and other hippie-esque antics that kevin can debate with you :). love ya!

  2. UGH! That’s awesome. Your comment on my blog was sent to my spam. I just saw it! I would have been here much sooner to tell you how much you suck and how jealous I am!! Sneak some pictures!

  3. Ok so just to recap, the Salt Lake City Marathon was fantastic and Blaine and Dane are the BEST! I can totally see why Tara was so connected to Blaine – his positive attitude and happy demeanor are totally infectious.

    We met at the Quality of Life expo where I gave them their passes to the dinner the SLC Marathon was doing. They were excited to have an excuse to eat pasta! And then the next time I saw them was when Blaine came through the finish line. He hung out with us and the other press people waiting for Dane. And then I had a couple TV stations interview them.

    These guys are SO nice. I asked them if they read the comments people post about them online (some of the comments are not so nice) and they said they did for like 5 min once and decided that wasn’t such a good idea!

    They had a few people come up to them and ask for autographs and they were so obliging and excited about doing it. Seriously, I was so impressed with both of them. I hope one of them wins the $100,000!,5143,705297949,00.html

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