Don’t Sell Your Soul to Buy Peanuts for the Monkeys

We went to the allergist yesterday to see what we were allergic to. I thought she’d test him for all kinds of allergies, but luckily she just tested for nuts. When we got there Holden was super happy, he played with the toys and talked on his Lego cell phone.

The doctor was fantastic. She answered a lot of questions and gave us a lot of material to read. She said to make our house peanut and cashew free, entirely (sad for mommy and daddy since we love peanut butter sandwiches), and to be staunch about not letting anybody give us any candy with peanut butter, etc. (ie no more Reeses peanut butter eggs, grammy Pammy!). Plus she said we shouldn’t even be around it – so nobody should be eating peanut butter or peanuts in his presence. It’s like a poison to him.

The nurse came in an gave him scratch tests on his back for Almonds, Peanuts and Cashews. He’s HIGHLY allergic to cashews. And very allergic to peanuts. But showed no reaction to almonds. She said in kids Holden’s age, they show their reaction to these allergens more in anaphylaxis – where it shows up all over his body, especially on the skin. They blow up, throw up, etc. And then they get older, they tend to more have the wheezing, asthma-type reaction to it.

Not only did the peanut and cashews make the parts of his back swell, but it also flared up his exzema. (sp?). So she gave us a prescription for that as well. And I was armed with two expensive epi-pens. Epinenephrine is somehow a cure-all. It’s just your body’s way of fixing things and that’s what the epi-pen will do if Holden is ever not responding to Benadryl or seems faint, etc. after a reaction.

He wasn’t so happy during and after the scratch tests, but words cannot describe how upset he was when the lab did blood tests. They took blood out of his arm vein like he was an adult! It was so sad. I had to hold him tight and he was so strong and fighting so hard that they couldn’t get any blood – he wouldn’t relax enough. So they had to do it all over on the other arm! It was so sad. He was so upset.

It’s sad to me that he’ll never enjoy the simple pleasure of a peanut butter and jam sandwich. It’s also sad to me that I won’t be enjoying them either. Did I tell you? I ate one last week and washed my hands so carefully – but like an idiot I kiss him on his cheek later, and he totally ballooned right there. So sad.

He’ll be the boy sitting at the nut-free table, hopefully not alone. He’ll be the boy with the mom who yells at NWA and Delta (via email) for introducing peanuts back into their snack selection. And the mom who scrubs down the seats of the airplane with hot soap and water and yells at the flight attendants for giving peanuts to the guy next to us. Ah nuts!


10 thoughts on “Don’t Sell Your Soul to Buy Peanuts for the Monkeys

  1. Ah nuts is right. I am so sad for Holden. I love peanuts so much. I love crunchy peanut butter. I love creamy peanut butter. Okay I’ll stop because it’s cruel to list all the peanuty goodness in the world. I’m glad you had a good experience with the doctor. He won’t be sitting alone at the nut-free table. He might even find a nut-free best buddy.

  2. Whoa, that’s too bad, at least you figured it out! Hopefully you wont need to use those epi-pens. Is this something he might grow out of? Or is it set for life? Poor guy. Poor cute guy.

  3. oh man–i had to get those pricks all the time when i was little…poor little dude! but at least he still can dance (happy to think i had an influence in that). like i always say, when life gives you peanuts, go ahead and jam!!! (????)p.s. don’t tell holden i actually happened to be eating a peanut butter sandwich while reading this…

  4. That is so sad! I felt for you reading this. That would have been hard to watch them draw blood form him. I am sorry you had to do that.I am so scared to even try peanuts with Ayla because her cousin is allergic to them. I am sure you read my New Years post. It was so scary that my niece swelled up from a PBJ, when I fed her one.

  5. Oh man, that is such a bummer. Missing out on peanuts is sad, but the inconvenience is a real bummer. What exactly is it that causes the reaction? Isn’t there some sort of toxin (aflotoxin…? maybe…) in peanuts that’s bad? Can he ever get over it?Well, we’ll make sure not to ever have peanut breath around the little guy.

  6. Poor guy!! I’ll have to make a mental note to keep peanuts out of the Christmas candies we give out! I’ll have to make you some homemade jam or something to make up for it 🙂

  7. I liked reading about your visit to the allergist. Wow, so are cashews even worse than peanuts? You will surely have to be on guard until he’s old enough to be on guard himself. We love him so!

  8. Sounds like I am not going to have a very fun trip to the allergist. Ben broke out in hives all over his body after eating a cookie with cashews and macadamia nuts. Maybe we can share non-nut recipes and products.

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