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How Swine Flu Ruined my Trip to San Antonio

I hate the Swine Flu.  I’m on a trip to San Antonio and everything is getting sabotaged by this pandemic.

They’ve closed down all the schools in the area, canceled my nephews’ soccer games that I was excited about seeing, canceled HillBilly Fest (which was my chance to work on my gunmanship), canceled church so my toddler can’t sport his 3 piece suit, and canceled dinners and parties that we were planning on going to!

They are saying not to gather in crowds of more than 20 people. So we debated for hours whether or not to still go to the Riverwalk and The Alamo yesterday. It was creepy how uncrowded it was. We washed our hands habitually like cats, opened doors with our elbows and freaked out every time somebody sneezed. It’s getting to us.

We keep checking news reports and it’s making us feel worse about it. I had a dream that I changed my flight and paid $200 to come back early. Maybe it’s a sign . . .


8 thoughts on “How Swine Flu Ruined my Trip to San Antonio

  1. Well, damn. Next time you go, be sure to eat at Paisano’s and order their Shrimp Paisano. There’s one on the River Walk but the one in the Quarry is the best.

  2. FYI, regular antibacterial hand sanitizers will kill the swine flu bug. It’s a strain of type A influenza, so just keep plenty of that on hand (pardon the pun).

  3. That stinks!! I’m sorry.
    I’m going to Dallas in a couple weeks for a conference, and I’m getting a bit nervous! Stupid swine flu…

  4. Actually, this is good! Next time I can go with you and we can see all the sights together!

  5. That really sucks! But if you hadnt come home early then we couldnt have come to visit you yesterday…

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