Gee Mom, is She Really For Me?

Holden has many girlfriends. We joke all the time with our friends that our kids are going “out” with each other. But we actually are kind of serious about matching up Holds with Liesel, our friends’ Paul and Lara’s new bebe. Holden met his betrothed a few weeks ago. And I think they’re in love.

He was so intrigued by her. It’s like he was saying, “gee mom, is she really for me?”

Well maybe Liesel is too young to know what true love is, but I’m sure Holden isn’t. She is beautiful! He especially loved holding her foot. He already worships at her feet!

I think they’re destined for each other. Holden agrees.


6 thoughts on “Gee Mom, is She Really For Me?

  1. We totally have marriage matches for Lauren and Parker. Parker has an adorable little girl friend and Lauren has a boy she is "in love with," particularly because he has a very cute baby sister – and you know how much she wants a baby sister!

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