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Small Guns are OK Too

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m becoming a huge fan of guns. We’re “shopping” right now to see what kind we like best. My husband’s friend has like 50 guns that we got to try out this weekend. If it sounds like I’m grinning while writing this, I totally am. I loved it. Not in an I want to be an assasin like Angelina Jolie kind of way wisted, or even in a cool, Daniel Craig rocks as James Bond kind of way. But really in an I want to know how to and be able to protect myself and my family kind of way.

First, our gun friend gave us lots of lessons on gun safety, how to hold them and treat them, etc. He’s like the best teacher ever. And then we started shooting our homemade targets.

My Pattern

My Pattern

I said I wanted a big gun. And I did end up liking me some rifle action. But I found a nice 9 mm that really felt good. My pattern wasn’t too shabby for my first time – just think about how good I can be with practice!

Amber Rifle

This rifle was fantastic. I made a great pattern and it didn’t have the kickback that I was expecting. It was such a beautiful rifle.

May 2009 018rev

This is my gorgeous husband. He looked so hot shooting the big gun I couldn’t resist posting it. I know I’m freaking out half of my friends posting this. I used to be absolutely 100% against owning guns. But things change. It goes without saying that you have to be over-responsible about guns if you own them or keep them in your home. But the right to bear arms is one that I absolutely support.


2 thoughts on “Small Guns are OK Too

  1. Have you heard about this gun law in Montana? It is making a lot of news because it says that the federal government cannot make any gun laws that will be enforceable for guns made and sold within the state of Montana. Interstate gun sales are another matter. Such a law shows that many people are feeling frustrated and insecure like yourself.
    I don’t want to own a gun myself, but I respect the right of American’s to protect themselves and their family.

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