Wes and Caleb’s Birthday Bash – and The Crew

We had a combined birthday party for Wes and Caleb, since they both had birthdays in early May. It was bittersweet to be in Trisha’s fantastic backyard, knowing since they’re moving this month, there will be no more BBQ’s there. Unless cool people move in. But cooler than Trisha and Caleb? Not a chance.

Cute Kristine, (Trish’s sister in background) has been Holden’s fantastic babysitter for the last several months . . . and her fiance in the background.

This is Holden, stealth little bugger he is, right before he steals off with someone’s rootbeer. I caught him after he’d guzzled 3/4 of it. And Brad and Rachel, who are awesome. And Stacy who totally needs to get a blog, as we keep reminding her.

The Webers, who also think they are moving . . . we beg to differ. Sorry Laura it loooks like Wes cut you off . . . and the Thompsons who are new and we love them too.

Oh there you are Laura and Jeanette with the cutest baby girl ever. And Michelle and Scotty, our very closest neighbors!

And Heather and Garret – you guys need a blog too! Looks like Wes missed pictures of Colleen and Maura, who both moved from the ward but we can’t quite let them go . . . LONG LIVE THE IVINS WARD!!


7 thoughts on “Wes and Caleb’s Birthday Bash – and The Crew

  1. Wow, that was quite the turn out. I wished we would have gone. Kurt and I weren’t feeling too good that night. I will totally miss Caleb and Trisha and cute little Maggie.

  2. Thats awesome! I still need to download mine… such a surprise! Caleb and I almost cried ourselves to sleep that night as we thought about our ward, so sad!

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