A Day in the Life of Our Busy Holds

  1. He wakes up (happy after 12 hours of sleep).
  2. He tries to wrestle away from us as we change his diaper.
  3. He eats his yummy breakfast. He enjoys oatmeal or Life cereal and milk. Then he burps. On purpose. Repeatedly.
  4. He “pays” plays) around the house, which involves running from one wall to the next or throwing his soccer, baseball, or basketball around.
  5. He pulls down all his books from his bookshelf. We read books. Well, we read about 4 seconds of books. Then he reads to himself.
  6. He takes a nap.
  7. He wakes up and tries to wrestle away from us as we change his diaper
  8. He eats his yummy lunch. He loves vegetables he can dip in Ranch dressing, minus the vegetables. Wes thinks he’d eat his own finger if it was dipped in Ranch. He loved hot dogs, sandwiches, pizza, and soups, and all fruits.
  9. Lunch is followed by another round of on-purpose burping. We’re regretting our laughter when he started doing this…..
  10. We play outside and/or run errands and go on adventures.
  11. He pulls down all his books. Again.
  12. He takes another nap. Or just plays in his crib.
  13. He wakes up (grumpy this time).
  14. We go outside and play on the lawn or by the garden. He takes my garden markers out throws them around. Then he eats dirt.
  15. I make dinner and Holden pretends to eat it. But mostly he just drinks milk.
  16. He runs around the house again. Or pushes the vacuum around.
  17. He takes a bath. Then brushes his teeth. First he sucks all the toothpaste off, then Wes or I take over.
  18. He goes to bed. 9 on the dot. Don’t expect him to go down prior, no matter how tired he is . . . he knows when it’s 9.

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Our Busy Holds

  1. LOL!! Sounds like a day at our house, minus the burping. Ayla is just barley getting on a schedule. It has been crazy but now it is paying off.BTW. I am your new visiting teacher. Awesome uh?

  2. I love the ranch dressing one. Maybe he's like Lauren – a dipper! She loves anything that can be dipped, but mostly just eats the dip!

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