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Facebook Quiz Revelations

Facebook quiz apps have a funny way of pointing out personality quirks that you didn’t know you had before . . . like I took the “Which LOST Character are you?” and came up Jack. Here’s why:
“You think you’re a natural leader, but you usually react first and think later! You have responsibilty thrust upon you, and are a man of science, not faith.”

OK it’s totally true. Especially that first part. I totally act and then think afterwards. And I act really fast, because in my head, the person who finishes the fastest wins the race. But I’m finding that sometimes my fastest isn’t the most efficient.

For example, as I was building my box garden, I cut up piece of old window blinds for my plant markers. A slow and steady (sane) person, like my husband for example, would have counted the number of plants s/he had, and then cut the appropriate number of name markers. But I, more of the fast and furious type, went right to cutting first. I cut a “bunch” and was like “ok this is good.” And then wrote the names on them and found out I was way short. But I didn’t count at that point, that would have been too methodical. I just ran back in the house and jumped into cutting a “bunch” more. I did this 3 times. 3 times.

I go a million miles an hour. And, admittedly I get a lot accomplished. I run my own business, handle clients and reps all day long, and take care of my ever-growing and busy toddler WHILST keeping the house clean, doing laundry, cooking, and keeping my garden alive. But I sometimes wonder if life would be more meaningful if I slowed down.

And maybe less problematic, because multi-tasking brings on more opportunities for mess-ups. Like tonight, I was giving our son a bath, while washing my feet, while thinking on the next email I needed to hurry and send out.  I conseqently washed my son’s hair so fast that I got soap in his eyes (hate that I ran out of baby shampoo) and they started burning. My son, looked up at me with red eyes said “cya,” like “OK mom you’ve done enough damage here, get out please.” I got out and my husband took over and got him all fixed up.

My husband  is not a tornado. He is an nice, steady stream. He focuses on one thing at a time. So when it’s time to do laundry, it’s time to do laundry. When he’s taking care of our son, he’s taking care of our son. Most of the time it drives me nuts that he can’t or won’t multi-task, but lately I’ve sat back with envy and I wondered if there’s more joy living like that. But the truth is, I don’t know how. Maybe Facebook’s next app will tell me.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Quiz Revelations

  1. Act fast and think later! I’m the same way. And usually there’s no pain. But err, when you’re clipping their fingernails or shampooing their har? Umm, probably better to slow down at sharp curves.

  2. I am also a mega-multitasker and my husband is not. It’s nice to be reminded to slow down and simply enjoy things instead of thinking about the next thing to do. I have to catch myself and make sure my heart and mind is with my kids when I’m spending time with them!

  3. Ah, yes, facebook quizzes. I keep taking them – I just can’t help it. I’ve learned what Office character I’m most like, which key signature my personality is most like, you know – real useful stuff! I’m glad you have actually learned something!

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