Trip to Phoenix

So we went to Phoenix last week! Although Phoenix has never been on my top 10 places I want to vacate to, we actually managed to do a lot of cool things.

We chilled at the pool and got sunburned…a must for ANY vacation, duh.
Holden sporting his awesome surfing outfit. You know, just in case.

I pulled out my 15 year old bikini for one last preview and discovered that I actually fill it out LESS than I did 15 years ago. Not so nice, but that’s motherhood for you, I guess.

Then we went to a Diamondbacks game!
It was such a cool stadium. It was super clean, had an “all you can eat section” (yes, of course we were in it), and a kids play area.

Holden loved the kids area for about 3 minutes until he discovered that there was a bigger, much cooler play area with huge slides that he wasn’t old enough to go into . . . it was so sad. He threw a big tantrum over it because they wouldn’t let him in.

While in Phoenix we also went to this Wild West show that was pretty cool. At this point, Holden was getting sick so we didn’t stay very long. But he liked the gun show (as long as I kept the fruit snacks coming)

I kept telling Wes how good of a cowgirl I would have been, but he didn’t buy it. He said I would be terrible at dealing with the heat and “roughing” it but consented that I’d be good at shooting and riding horses. I could totally rough it! As long as I had a nice bed…. LOL

Ok so I’m almost done! We also went to the Phoenix zoo which was really cool. It’s 3 times bigger than the Hogle Zoo I swear and had lots of cool nooks with random animals, reptiles and birds. Holden would have liked it more were he not so sick. Sick babies are the worst. I felt so bad for him!

This is Wes’s beard. I’m trying to get him to shave it. I mean, part of me likes the Mountain Man appeal of it, but only part of me. The other wants my husband’s face back.


11 thoughts on “Trip to Phoenix

  1. What a blast! I love hanging out at a pool. I haven't done that since 2 years ago on the 4th of July. That was the day I found out I was pregnant. Shortly after that morning sickness hit and I didn't feel up for swimming. Last year I just didn't find the time. I do plan on swimming on the 4th this year though.How sad that Holden didn't get to play on the big playground. And how sad the poor little guy got sick. Is he better now?Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I want to go on vacation somewhere!

  2. I love your hair, you've always had great hair. anyway, I'm glad you had a good vacation. I'm jealous, I need a vacation. Holden is adorable.

  3. Um HELLO!!?? I didn't know you were coming to visit! I missed your cute face 🙂 But I am glad you got to do lots of fun things here. When I first moved here I was like, dude there is nothing to do here, and then you realize there is a TON to do in AZ, you just have to talk to the right people! And isn't that zoo awesome??!! PS I LOVE your hair! You chopped it! And it totally suits you, LOVE IT! How's work and everyone? Tell Goddard hi for me.

  4. We were also just in Phoenix for a little vacay…it's too bad we missed you all.:) And you look amazing in your bikini…what's this about it being your 15 year old bikini?! You're one hot mama! We miss you guys.

  5. Yeah…more pictures of Holden…I've been waiting.;)You're fabulous Amber! I love watching you with your little family. It makes me happy!Cute haircut!loveme

  6. It's fun to see the pics from your trip, it looks like you had a great time! When we drove across the country last year I kept telling Chad that I would have liked to have been a cowgirl and that I would have been a good one and he didn't buy it either! I still think it would be cool (at least for a day!) 🙂

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