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Funny Volkswagen Commercials

I love the Volkswagen commercials that are out right now. Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CPB), Volkswagen USA’s agency, is doing a fantastic job. Since my company White Rabbit Advertising represents VW SouthTowne in Salt Lake City, UT, I have taken a keen interest in their national commercials.

And then there’s the classic Routan Boom commercials that they had Brooke Shields host last year. It must have been the whole Tom Cruise/Post-Partum battle a few years back, but Brook Shields has become synonymous with motherhood. Weird. But effective in advertising for a van for the family:

But this one is my new favorite. It’s German. I don’t know who their agency is. But it’s hilarious and gross. If you don’t speak German, you just have to know that the Jetta TDI gets over 45 MPG so you can drive for a really long time without fueling up.

Any others you’ve seen?


4 thoughts on “Funny Volkswagen Commercials

  1. Those Brooke Shields commercials cracked me up. I put them in one of my blog posts last year — because they were so damn weird!

    Weirder, still, though, were those Chevy Traverse commercials. Remember them? Where the shoes fell out of the sky pelting people on the street — or the one where some metrosexual guy cleaned a toilet?

  2. HAHA! That IS gross!

    I love those VW commercials too. “What does your hybrid sounds like?” …. “Hhhhhaaaaaaa”


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