New Words and Potty Training

Ever since he turned 19 months, Holden’s world (and therefore ours) has turned much more verbal. He likes to name everything. He finally calls everybody in our family by their names: Kiera is Key, Katie is Kay, Ali is Aheee, etc. We stand in front of my closet and he touches all the different types of clothes and he goes through and names them, or repeats after me. My favorite is that he just started saying Thank You when he hands you thing. He says it “sanky.”

I love that I can now discuss things with Holden – he understands the things that I say. Like if I need to set him down to get something, I can explain it to him sans the tantrum that used to ensue. Now he gets it most of the time. I like it.

Holden and I have started taking a Mom and Tot art class! It’s basically a mom art class for us because Holden only lasts on each project about 10 minutes. And he never acts like he likes anything he’s made until a couple days later. Yesterday, he came out of his room wearing this new hat we made. He looks like an Indian.

Holden has also started potty training. We’re taking it slow – at first we just had him sit down on his toilet every now and then. But he wouldn’t “go” until last night – Wes had him sitting there, reading books and talking on the phone (which Holden tried to flush down the potty a couple times). I was so proud of him! As soon as I got him, he took me in the bathroom to come show me what he did. He was so excited he held onto the tub and ran in place for 4 minutes shouting with excitement. It was so cute.


9 thoughts on “New Words and Potty Training

  1. Yay Holden, way to potty! I can't wait until Sam doesn't have a melt down when I have to put him down for a sec, that sounds dreamy….

  2. I can't believe your potty training! That's great! Good luck, not having to buy diapers is the best feeling.

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