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Life is One Big Neverending Project

When life is busy, the blogging stops. Especially when I’m doing a lot of copy writing – it’s impossible to get my brain to want to write anything longer than 5 word zingers. Plus I started a blog for my client Volkswagen SouthTowne. So I’m kind of blogged out. But, enough whining.

Here’s what’s been going on. We started a backsplash in the kitchen. The majority of our kitchen is white. White cabinets, white tile flooring, some white walls. So we’re doing a black and white theme with fun blue walls. We get started on Friday and buy all the tile.

Our half-finished by awesome kitchen tile backsplash

Our half-finished by awesome kitchen tile backsplash

As soon as we get home with the tile, My husband’s friend  calls us and tells us he can do our curbing on our lawn that day. He works for this awesome curbing company called ____ well I can’t remember____ and gave us a great deal. But we probably wouldn’t have started the backsplash if we knew that we were going to be knee deep in sod removal too.

What will be a beautiful flower garden

What will be a beautiful flower garden

We’re also in the midst of a new print campaign for a new client project. They’re not actually our client per se, it’s just a project they’re hiring us (White Rabbit Advertising) for. I think they have some big PR agency out of Los Angeles, but anyway, I have an ex-co-worker friend from 3 agencies ago who is fantastic and she works there. So she hired us to create some print campaigns for their home automation systems and billboards too.  So our life is one big never-ending project. But it’s the coolest company ever, so it’s been fun to come up with some ideas for them.

I got up early on Saturday and planned on spending my 4th of July removing the sod from where they lay the curbing; but seriously, it was the hardest physical labor I’ve ever done. Giving birth is a cinch compared to sod removal. So I woke My Husband up and asked him to start doing it. But then he had to get started on the tile since his dad was coming to help. So I went back to sod work. But it didn’t last long. Thank goodness a neighbor I had never met came by and said he could remove it for us for a minimal fee. He said his landscaping business went under and he could use the work.  He did that last night and it looks awesome!

A tiny portion of all the sod that had to be removed

A tiny portion of all the sod that had to be removed

And the backsplash is looking awesome too. Hopefully we’ll finish it tonight.

Tile's looking A-OK

Tile's looking A-OK

So here we are half-finished with everything and taking on new projects daily.


5 thoughts on “Life is One Big Neverending Project

  1. the tile looks so good! i like the black. we are in the same “daily projects” boat. it sucks but the end result is well worth it. i drive by your house and noticed the curbing. it’s so nice!!!

  2. How cool that your landscaping neighbor wandered by!

    Did you say the tile backsplash is blue? Hard to tell from pics. We did a blue tile backsplash and I love it.

  3. I love seeing your updates! The yard and kitchen are looking great! Dave is currently sanding the stairway to the basement so he can start painting. Hopefully we will have a happier looking basement soon! Keep the pictures coming.

  4. Your projects look great! It will be a nice feeling once it’s all done and you can sit back and enjoy!

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