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Bad Teen Songs I Can’t Get Out of My Head

For the last few months I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell Britney Spears is singing about with her random Amy song. And today I found out. Oh my gosh. I’m either super stupid or super naiive, but I’ve been singing along with it in total oblivion to what “If You Seek Amy” sounds like phonetically. If you can’t figure it out either, look at the lyrics and then say that line out loud really fast. And if you still can’t figure it out, Google it and you’ll sure find out quickly.

britney spears circus album image cover

Here I was, actually thinking that Britney Spears has come out of her manic, downward mental spiral and surfacing as a steady, somewhat stable mom of 2. Apparently that’s much too hard to ask of a super star.

Moving on, stations are playing far too much Taylor Swift. I’m talking not just pop stations, but all the country stations (of which we have 3 in SLC),  all the Hot AC stations, and Top 40 are playing her as well. She’s everywhere. Every time I turn on the radio, I am reminded of ridiculous high school scenarios and romances that never were. Taylor Swift plunges you back to a time when the biggest trial of life was not making Dance Company or getting asked to prom. Not to minimize these high schooler’s pain but seriously – I’ve got bigger fish to fry now and I can’t seem to escape her no matter what station I listen to.


Is it just me or does it seem like she records the same song over and over again and dresses it up with a few new lyrics. She needs to grow up and go to college so she has something a little more interesting to sing about.

Last, but not lease, Miley Cyrus. She has confused me for 3 years. Is she Hannah Montana? Is she Miley Cyrus? Is she really blonde with a brown wig or brown with a really bad blonde wig? Is she done with Hannah Montana? Have they broken up? I think I liked Hannah better…because in this new song The Climb, she sounds EXACTLY like the Hanson brothers in their mmmbop song. You won’t even believe how alike they sound until you listen. I’ve posted their YouTube links above.


She sounds just like a boy teenager going through puberty. Hannah Montana never sounded like that! I think she should bring Hannah back…

Or maybe I just need to get a Zune or an Ipod like normal people and listen to grown-up music. Or tune in to NPR more often….


8 thoughts on “Bad Teen Songs I Can’t Get Out of My Head

  1. Speaking of foul: britney spears. Uh, she sucks. There is no other way to put it. So do the others you have mentioned here. The radio is just too bad these days.

  2. I could see Miley being a Bonnie Raitt in 30 years – if she works on developing herself musically and lyrically and quits acting. (I think she’s quite good in what I’ve watched of “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel, so that leads me to believe that she’s got a creative streak in her just waiting to manifest itself lyrically.) But Bonnie Raitt is, like, one of the best female artists of all time and she kicks @$$ on the guitar, so it’s tough to make a prediction like that.

    Britney helped me through some tough times in Bulgaria for 2 years. She was the hottest thing around while still being sweet and cute back then. I’ll always appreciate her for that.

    My little bro loves Taylor Swift, and I’ll admit she’s pretty darned attractive. And she seems really talented too. But, like most pop artists, all she cares about is making it big and making a buck. I’m convinced she pays little to no attention to the music she puts out. She’s another female artist that has the right skill set to change peoples’ perception of this new breed of country music (the really shallow, twang-rock that makes my ears bleed), but instead of making music that rich and challenging she’d rather just churn out the same crap everyone else is and rake in the dough. I can’t blame her. Money is pretty awesome.

  3. The fact that you admit to watching Hannah Montana is both embarrassing and impressive. LOL. I need to learn more about Bonnie Raitt. I do think Miley could go somewhere though if she doesn’t turn out to be a complete crap-hole like Britney…

  4. I am embarassed to say it but I like The Climb, Taylor Swift and Britney…I don’t know what that says about me but should I be scared? Maybe it just shows I have a 10 year old sister and we like to jam together. I recognize that it isn’t great music but I still like it?

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