Sad Day

I am a little sorry to do this, but we’re going to be taking a hiatus for a while. Probably a long while. Work has been so busy and I can’t keep up two [personal blogs AND blogs, writing, Facebooks, etc. for my clients. And Wes hasn’t been posting on here for some time because he’s been working on a ton of side projects too. Sooooo, it is with great regret that we say goodbye for a while. We’ll still be reading your blogs so don’t forget about us. And I will still be keeping up my other blog alicesworld.wordpress.com and will include updates on Holds there!

Thanks for all the reading and comments!


3 thoughts on “Sad Day

  1. That is a sad day, but completely understandable. I guess it's a good/bad thing to be so busy!! Hope things don't get too crazy.

  2. wait a second, remember when we were mocked for being the blogless ones in the ward? hmmm….love that photo of holden in his art class hat btw–so glad we did that this summer!

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