Being Economical / Raising a Toddler

My Son vs. Flashcards

Since the demise of my other blog(I killed it), I’ve promised to do more posts about my son. Here’s little H doing what he calls “ashcah” – AKA Flashcards. I bought these flashcards at Michael’s for a buck and he’s gotten more enjoyment out of them than all the toys in his room put together.

He’s loves words and naming things. And he loves to show off, so these Flashcards have been perfect.


2 thoughts on “My Son vs. Flashcards

  1. Can we just talk about that ginormous bean bag chair??

    My husband wants one. He’s 25. I told him that grown ups don’t have chairs made of beans.

    I guess when we have kids we’ll revisit the idea.

  2. Have you ever heard of LoveSac? That’s the company that makes these awesome wonders. I think they are online – you should check them out. They last forever, are huge, and are super cozy. Although it would please me more if I had a bigger house with a home theater room – that’s where it really should go. But we’re holding onto it until we move to our dream home LOL

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