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Connecting with your Inner Child

One of my favorite things this summer has been the Salt Lake City Connect Pass. Basically you pay $20 and get two full days of all the kid-friendly things SLC has to offer. My sister is here from New York so we all took our families around Salt Lake.

We started at This is the Place Heritage Park which has awesome replicas of pioneer buildings like a church, school, barber shop, and bank and had people dressed up like they were in the late 1800’s. You’d stop at each place and they’d tell you about what it was like back then. I loved it! H. really liked the petting zoo and riding the ponies.

This is the Place Petting Zoo

This is the Place Petting Zoo

This is the Place pony rides

This is the Place pony rides

Then we went to the Hogle Zoo and had lunch. I love that the food at the zoo is cheap. That’s so rare. They have great burgers and super yummy salty pretzels with cheese that I love. I used to have a season pass but didn’t renew it since summer was nearly over. Next year. Anyway, H. fell asleep right when we saw the three brand new baby tigers. They were so cute!

After we went home to take naps (and I’ll admit, by this time I was ready for one too), we drove down south to the Thanksgiving Point dinasaur museum.This Museum of Ancient Life has the largest display of mounted dinosaurs in the world. H. loved losing us in the crowd and making us chase him through every single room. Seriously, he’s going to be a world-class sprinter. We have no pictures of him there because he was too fast.

The next day we went to the Discovery Gateway in Downtown, SLC. This place is incredible. There are these awesome balls that you can send up these vacuums and watch them go through all these tubes. Then they have a huge water works area, a kitchen and grocery store, and a little tike area that H. really dug.

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway water works

Discovery Gateway water works

Toddler play area of Discovery Gateway

Toddler play area of Discovery Gateway

Then we ate at the Lion House (best rolls ever). Lunch was included in the Connect Pass. If we added up all the money we would have spent, it would be in the $70 range but with the Connect Pass we only spent $20.

After lunch we caught Trax and rode to the Clark Planetarium. They have cool movies there – 3D and such – and some other cool sciency things that are better for older kids than my toddler. Here’s H. on Mars and the Moon.

Holden on mars

On Mars

First baby on the moon

First baby on the moon

As you can see, H. was pretty much spent at this point. We tried to take him to a movie on Saturn but he wasn’t having it. It was so fun to explore SLC and play with family all day long.


5 thoughts on “Connecting with your Inner Child

  1. Hysterical! I’d love to have a pic of myself on Mars.

    Say, I was at the Museum of Ancient Life, too. Did you see me? I was waving to you from behind my exhibit.

  2. Baby tigers! We’re totally going to the zoo! Let us know if you ever want to tag along, I dont’t think our pass expires for another few months. And I’ve totally been wanting to check out the dinosaur museum. Sam just gets more and more fun to take to these places.

  3. Wow, for such a monumental feat to be on the moon, Holden sure looks relaxed! Actually, just bored! We had so much fun there. Thanks for coming with us!

  4. Cute photos! Missed talking to you last month about Mad Men. We are doing North and South this month at my house. I am excited and a little nervous. Since it is my favorite book I will have to try and not be defensive if others don’t like it. Come to this one if you can. We will have a real English tea with the book.

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