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The Wizard of Oz Analysis

Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I’d like to contest that I have seen the Wizard of Oz more in the last 3 weeks than anybody on earth. Anybody except my son. My almost-2 year old is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz. Having gone nearly 2 years without watching TV, this movie surge is a bit surprising. But not inexplicable. I’m afraid it’s my fault. Well, both mine and my hubby’s fault. We decided to decorate our baby room with old-school Frank L. Baum Wizard of Oz decor.


Here’s just a few of our books about the W.O.O. that we displayed at his birthday party.


And of course the Wizard of Oz cake…which he devoured with ferocity.


I guess considering this kind of start, it should come as no surprise that he’s a big fan of the show. I didn’t think of it as brain-washing or subconsciously influential at the time, I just thought it was cute to try out a theme for our first born.

But now I see that our son as no choice but to absolutely adore Wizard of Oz to the point where he’ll watch nothing else. Nemo? No. Cars? Not for more than 5 minutes. Wizard of Oz? He’ll watch every part of it with active interest, even the black and white (sepia) parts, the scary flying monkey parts, everything.

The first 10 times I watched the show, I couldn’t believe how impressive the costumes are – even in today’s standards. And the acting! Unparalleled. Judy Garland was only 15 or 16 at the time and she’s so good! And the witch is awesome too. H loves the witch – every time she comes on he shouts “Kitch!” – (we have enunciation issues).

But the last 10 times I’ve watched it my opinion is reflecting my irritation of having to watch it again and the behest of my son. Like I think it’s so rude how Uncle Henry and Auntie Em don’t stay looking for Dorothy very long during the cyclone. If my kid (or niece) was out there – I wouldn’t just bail on them!

And what kind of good witch would let a child wander around Oz for days and days so she could “learn a lesson” rather than just letting her go home right away? (Glinda tells Dorothy she’s always had the power to go home – she just wouldn’t have believed her. She had to learn for herself). Right, Dorothy who just landed on a wicked witch, suddenly saw color for the first time, hung out with munchkins and saw Glinda floating in a bubble “wouldn’t have believed.” Riiight.

I could go on. It’s just obvious that I need to stop watching this show! Any ideas for other movies kids can get hooked on that I can use to switch him?


12 thoughts on “The Wizard of Oz Analysis

  1. I guess everything starts looking ridiculous if you look at it enough… I say to the woman obsessed with Alice in Wonderland!

    Your son is soooo cute!

  2. Ha-ha…I love that he loves it so much. And I support you in that decorating the nursery theory. Grant had dinosaurs on his crib bumper. I think that’s where his obsession began.

    Little Einsteins is totally addicting and shorter for shorter attention spans.

  3. My little siblings would watch movies over and over again. You almost hated to suggest a movie because you knew you’d watch it many times.

    We used to like Fairy Tale Theater. The Pixar movies are great also. Good luck!

  4. I just came by to see if you watched Loser last night.

    I laughed out loud at your husband’s comment. I’m thinking that you should save The Big Lebowski for a few years. Not sure he’s ready for that!!

  5. that’s awesome! I think it’s so odd what kids will get obsessed with. my kids took a turn with the movie Singing in the Rain. funny enough, my nephew (age 2) loves it too, and can sing all the songs with all the actions! okay, so he’s no Gene Kelly, but it’s pretty hilarious to watch.
    really what I’ve found, though, is that my kids will really get into a movie for a week or two – they’ll watch it a hundred billion times. then it’s like they’re finally sick of it and won’t want to pull it out for another 2 years. so annoying!

  6. I love it! Have you started to detox him yet? Could be a painful process. I have an idea. Why don’t you come out for Halloween and our kids can be Wizard of Oz characters? Lauren would love to be Dorothy and Parker would make an excellent Toto!

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  8. Hi

    I realise this was posted a year ago, but I’m wondering if you have more photos of the Oz nursery? I’d love to see it as I’m doing something similar!

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