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Funeral Potatoes Stink

I got asked to make Funeral Potatoes for the luncheon after a funeral today of one of our church members. And I just realized that I have never made them before! Being a Mormon staple, you’d think I would have some experience with them, but thankfully this is my first (and only) time.

Let me tell you that Funeral Potatoes stink up your whole home. I’m not sure with high-saturated-fatty ingredient it is that is the real culprit, or if it’s just the combination of all those lipids, but it smells terrible in here. I’m having a hard time working.

So I’ll write.

Speaking of food, my family is compiling a really fun recipe book. I wanted to do this one one from BHG Life in Photos – A) because I do the copy writing for the products on their website and B) because it’s the cutest recipe book I’ve ever seen. And C) because it’s cheaper than the other ones around too. But it only holds 10 recipes and we have a ginormous family. So we opted for one on Shutterfly instead.

I’m really excited for this recipe book. We’re all getting one for Christmas. Our theme is “Family Favorites” – so all 6 of my siblings plus all their kids each get a page to put their favorite dishes. I have some awesome cooks in my family so I’m really excited.

This kind of project really makes me happy. My family is pretty scattered all over the country so it will be a nice way to have a reminder of them in my kitchen. I’m just happy no one chose funeral potatoes as their favorite dish.


2 thoughts on “Funeral Potatoes Stink

  1. You are right, the cookbooks are ADORABLE!!! What a great idea you gave me for Christmas presents! THANKS!!!

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