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Am I Too Late?

Halloween was a week ago. Scratch that – almost two weeks ago. So is it too late to post my kiddo’s Halloween pics? Probably, but I will anyway. He was a scarecrow. Obviously. He had to be something from Wizard of Oz!

October 2009 035

Halloween was fun this year. Last year it sucked because that’s the day we discovered how allergic H. is to peanuts. The day care fed him a PB&J and he blew up like a balloon. We had to take him to the hospital and everything. $2100 later we knew not to feed him any nuts. That was a fun lesson to learn on Halloween night – the night everybody passes out M&M’s and Snickers that we can no longer eat!

October 2009 038So anyway, this year we went to our church’s Trunk or Treat, and then went Trick-Or-Treating with our friends to another area. H. loved it once he got the hang of saying “trick or treat” – (sounded something like “tickteat”). And afterwards we just separated out the candy with nuts (half the loot). I guess one good thing about a nut allergy is that he’ll only be eating half his candy every year.

Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got right now. We’ve been working so many hours (wahoo!) I can’t seem to figure out a time to write for myself….


6 thoughts on “Am I Too Late?

  1. i hope you’re not too late because i still need to put my halloween photos up. holds was the cutest scarecrow-that costume was perfect (and he and mags together would be priceless!). we had so much fun with you guys!

  2. Lucky you. You’re still in the good old days: Peter Pan, Captain Crook, the Scarecrow, Spider Man.

    Just wait until he’s 7 or so . . . and he’ll want to be the scariest guy around.

    (Sorry about the peanuts! Glad you caught it early)

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