Alice in Wonderland

My Obsession with Alice in Wonderland

I just got home from the premiere of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I loved it! I thought it was unique to tell a new story using all the adorable characters we all love (well I love), rather than recreate it again. There have been so many Wonderland recreations I was totally ready for a newish story. I thought Mia Wasikowska was great. And Johnny Depp is always fascinating. The colors were vivid and fantastical and, despite the fact that I HATE 3D movies, the graphics were impressive.

Since Alice is the inspiration for the name of this blog, and the name of my company, I think its only appropriate to review the movie and talk about my adoration for the book Alice in Wonderland. It all started when I was 13. My mom took us to an antique book shop and I found my dear Alice among the dusty shelves. It was/is blue with gold trim and had a satin ribbon to save your place. At 13 I deemed it a priceless treasure – I’d never owned any book with elaborate markings or a built-in bookmark. So I took it home and devoured it – and have done so just about every year since. I love the riddles, the math, the poems, and the madness. But most of all, I love the tea party.

Tea parties are among the few things in life that I feel completely happy doing. Usually there’s always something else I’m thinking about, a list of things I have to do, so just sitting usually makes me feel listless. But having tea is different. Do I have tea parties a lot, you may wonder? I use tea parties as the theme for as many girl gatherings as possible – my wedding shower for example, birthdays, girly gatherings. In fact I’m overjoyed by the fact that next weekend I’ll be in Santa Barbara having 2 tea parties in one weekend with two of my fabulous friends I don’t see often enough.

I’m also a sucker for any Alice in Wonderland spin-off as well. Did you know OPI came out with an Alice in Wonderland line of nail polish. And Urban Decay has an incredible eye shadow palette devoted to it. I should talk about my obsession with makeup in another post. But yes, I bought it. And yes, of course I love it.

Let’s toast. To Alice!


7 thoughts on “My Obsession with Alice in Wonderland

  1. Very Cute! I love Alice too. Not when I was a child, though. I was not brave enough to go through her journeys on my own. I had to grow up a little and long for the fanciful things again to appreciate her. I love your passion for Alice and all things CARROL.

  2. Awesome! I love it! How your so into Alice in Wonderland. It makes you interesting and original to me. I’ve never actually read Alice in Wonderland. I just know the story. You have me interested in reading it now tho.
    Tea parties eh? Never thought of doing a girls day tea party. That’d be way fun. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Hope ya don’t mind if I pop in from time to time to read.

  3. It’s very fun to read about why you love Alice! It makes me want to read the book. Ok, I know you’re probably shocked that I’ve never read it. You should probably sit down for this next one: I never read it because I never liked the movie. It freaked me out. If the word ‘hate’ wasn’t banned in my house, I might even say I hated it. If you weren’t sitting down before, you really need to sit down for this one: I always felt the same way about the Wizard of Oz. It creeped me out as a kid. I hope you’ll still be my friend and cousin now that I’ve said that. But, I’m happy to say that you’ve enlightened me and now I’m intriqued and want to read Alice! Thanks for opening up my point of view!

  4. Hey Amber! Hope you don’t mind me visiting your cute blog- I saw you post it on Ash’s FB page and I had to come see what you thought of the movie.
    I, too, have a slight obsession with Alice and her wonderland (I even have Barbie Alice, well Kelly).
    We took our boys to see it this morning. It was different than I expected, a bit dark. But interesting nonetheless. I thought it was cute that your boy kept his glasses on the whole time (and impressive). Karter kept taking his off saying “I have to take them off or they’ll get me”. 🙂 Zach (my youngest) was not a fan but the rest of us enjoyed it.

  5. @Cathy – that’s so funny that our two favorite shows creep so many people out. You’re not alone! I’ve definitely heard that before. But try the book and tell me what you think!

    @Ash – Welcome to my blog! Do you have a blog? We should totally go to tea sometime – I’ll show you how it’s done! LOL

    @Wendy – You have a Barbie Alice? Sweet! I wanna see it. The show was a bit dark but I guess that’s Tim Burton for you. I loved it though – and was glad Holds wasn’t scared. Karter is hilarious!

  6. Yep, I have one of those “read all about my kids” blogs. Your welcome to pop in and visit, but it’s not anything interesting like yours just me blabbing on and on about how much I love my boys.
    I would LOVE to go to tea with you sometime. Just let me know when and what I should do to prepare. 🙂

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