Goodnight Moon

holden has a very strict bedtime regimen now. we used to be able to just drop him in his crib and say a prayer and we were outta there! but now he has to read books to himself for a while (he’s especially fond of anything about dinosaurs), then he likes to read Goodnight Moon 123 and then Goodnight Moon. in that order. and then he’ll lay down and say prayers. he’s so cute. at first, we just read the books to him but now he reads them to us.

this is holds reading Goodnight Moon:


3 thoughts on “Goodnight Moon

  1. This is soooo cute! I love it! You guys are great parents to read to him every night, life gets so busy and I miss out on reading to my boys, a lot. 😦 It's awesome that he can read the book on his own now!

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