Best Friends Best Friends

Holden has a BFF – I never expected him to have one so early on, but he cherishes his friend Harrison so much. Every time we say “Guess who’s coming over?” he yells “Hahsson!” Here’s why: for the past year and a half (my goodness has it been that long) his mom and I have been doing regular kid swaps. He comes over here once a week for the afternoon and Holds goes over there once a week for the afternoon. It has been one of the best things for the moms and the kids. They play really well together, take naps at the same time, and have so much fun learning and playing together. Plus I’ve really liked how it’s allowed Holden to learn how to share, take turns, and get used to being around other people his age. And sometimes it’s totally easier to have a friend over here to play with for Holds so he’s occupied than it is with just him – as long as they play well together. And he and Harr are great together. I really feel so lucky that it’s worked out so well.

Looking for bugs.


3 thoughts on “Best Friends Best Friends

  1. That is so cool he has a best friend already! Ayla kinda has one too. Her name is Emily. Ayla and Emily always want to see each other. They get upset if the other one isn't their for Nursery. Sometimes they have play dates and they love it. It turns out they are only one day apart in age.

  2. That's cute! It's soooo nice to have a play date every week. I watch my niece on Thursdays and X LOVES those days. I need to work your system tho and send X to play at his friends house once a week and give myself a break. 🙂

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