"Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable." – Plato

It’s a boy!!! I have to admit that even though I was sure it would be a boy, I secretly hoped I’d be having a girl. Reason #1) I could justify stopping. Why try for a third if I have a boy and a girl? Reason #2) Boys are wild and crazy. There is already too much cave-man like testosterone in my house and with a third I will be super outnumbered. But something happened during the ultra sound a couple weeks ago. It’s hard to describe but looking at O. Fitz (baby’s name will be Oliver Fitzgerald) in the monitor made me feel like he was exactly the right fit for our family – exactly what we need.

Here are the great things about having another boy:

1) I don’t have to buy any new clothes. Let’s face it, girls are way more fun to shop for and I’d spend a fortune on my girl. But with another boy, I already have it all.

2) Holden will have a little buddy to show the ropes to. Every boy needs a brother to play pranks on, hang out with, and fight over girls with. They’ll like that.

3) An extra shot. If I screw up in raising Holden to be a good boy, I can maybe redeem myself in O. Fitz 🙂

No but seriously I’m really excited. The first part of this pregnancy was really emotionally hard for me. My last pregnancy ended so sadly that I almost didn’t allow myself to get attached to this one. So I had all the sickness and pukiness of pregnancy without any of the hope and expectation. So when I started feeling better and feeling this baby, I finally allowed myself to get excited.

And I am so excited. The ultra sound was beautiful. O. Fitz has Holden’s nose (well Wes’s nose, really which is just so darn cute) and he was sucking his thumb and moving all over. He’s a mover, this one. I have a posterior placenta so I feel everything really clearly, which is great for me.

It feels so right to bring another boy into this family. I am so excited to meet him, but for now I’m happy he’s doing so well inside me. Anyway, that’s our good news.


10 thoughts on “"Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable." – Plato

  1. Hey thanks for sharing that other post about loosing a baby. I always feel horrible when people have to tell that news and I never know what to say and your post helped. On the part of 2 boys… Your right, your gonna LOVE it! I was the same way with my second pregnancy I was sad it wasn't my girl but now that I have Freddie I couldn't imagine life with out my 2 boys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having 2 boys. Granted I would like a girl in the end, but now even if I got all boys I think I'd be just as happy their so fun and adventuress. And now I have one climbing on me so I gotta go. 🙂 CONGRATS!!! Hope your feeling better now, pregnancy freaking SUCKS!Oh and PS LOVE THE NAME!

  2. Congrats! Oliver Fitzgerald is an adorable name…I have a feeling he'll be a genius because of that name.:) Loved seeing you at book club. Hope all goes well with the pregnancy.

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