Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Do you have an open mind? I’m just saying – if you are reading this, I would suggest an open mind. The reality is that Wes and I are willing to try ANYTHING to help Holden succeed in life and be as productive, healthy and happy as possible.

As I’ve been researching Autism, one of the most influential theories I’ve read is the Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It’s a theory by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a Russian/English Neurologist/Nutritionist who believes that the reason so many kids have autism, food allergies, ADHD, etc is because of improper gut flora. You should read her paper on it to get a quick feel for the theory and what she’s found in working with hundreds of Autistic kids.

She just published a book, called Gut And Psychology Syndrome. Natural Treatment Of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression And Schizophrenia and check out this and it focuses just on Autism. I’ve even read on her website gaps.me that it’s a great treatment for celiac and food allergies.

If you want to hear a quick introduction to her GAPS theory and hear her speak, check out this YouTube video.

The GAPS diet she recommends sounds pretty extreme at first, but that’s just the introduction diet. The Full GAPS diet is basically eating healthy foods and avoiding additives that we all know we should avoid anyway, but we don’t.

Her intro diet is casein and gluten free, but she slowly allows the introduction of other foods like raw milk and raw cheeses that have natural forms of casein.

Side note – it FREAKS me out that casein, a natural milk protein, has been taken out of where it is naturally found (breast milk, animal milk, etc) and been put into EVERYTHING. It’s the same thing with gluten. Foods that have NO RIGHT to have gluten in it, have gluten in it. Did you know they put casein in hot dogs to plump them up? Deli meat? There isn’t ONE food at McDonald’s that doesn’t have casein in it. It’s seriously so unnatural and freaky what food scientists have done to our food.

So the GAPS diet is a purist diet – it seals the gut to prevent leaky gut syndrome and promotes good bacteria. There are stories out there of people healing their food allergies with this diet, healing autism, ADHD, and all sort of other issues.

We ordered the book and are just waiting for it to come. Y’all might think I’m crazy and this is just pie-in-the-sky. But the reality is – I will do ANYTHING for my son. Even put my entire family on a crazy, restrictive diet. Actually, Wes is just as excited as I am. I’m probably more addicted to sugar than he is, so the die-off period of the bad toxins will probably be worse for me than him.

I think I’m going to keep a videography on it and capture how it goes….


8 thoughts on “Gut and Psychology Syndrome

  1. Hmmm, that's interesting cause if ya ask me there is waaay to many kids being diagnosed with ADD. So many in fact that theres a shortage on the medication and it seem Autism is being diagnosed a lot more now days too. Makes ya wonder if it could really be the food were eating. I'll be interested to see how it goes. And to hear if it's an enjoyable diet or pure torture. Thanks for doing all these posts I really do enjoy reading about all that your learning.

  2. Yes. Very interesting. I wish I had the willpower, knowledge, money, etc do go on an awesomely healthy diet. I'm excited to hear how yours goes and see the results, it might be a great motivator for the rest of us!

  3. I would love to see you do videography on this. I would love to see how it goes. I have heard about having a proper diet will help kids behave better. We are what we eat.I once watched a show that had Jenny McCarthy changed her son's diet to help with his Autism and it really helped. I have never heard about it helping with allergies. That is great! I want Ayla to get over her allergy of milk. Keep us updated, I would love to see how Holden does with his allergies!

  4. I am TOTALLY on board with the idea that the food we eat can wreak havoc on our bodies. I think following this diet will be awesome for all of you. I will be so interested to learn more and hear how it's going for you.

  5. It's definitely worth a try. I was thinking the same thing about celiac disease–why suddenly are tons of people being diagnosed with it? Ash has been so much better since he started a gluten free diet. I liked the video. She sounds convincing.

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