Olivanders at 5 Months

Oliver Fitzgerald Warren is an UNBELIEVABLE baby. Like so good that I feel guilty bragging about how good he is. I feel like I need to convince you that I would still totally adore him if he fussed all the time and was high-maintenance. Because I totally would – but he is just the sweetest baby ever. He sleeps well, smiles all the time, loves to laugh – he even seems to enjoy it when Holds smothers him with kisses and laughs really loud in his ear.

He’s incredible. If you haven’t met him, you need to. Seeing him smile is like getting a 10,000 iu dose of Vitamin D. He’s pure joy.



3 thoughts on “Olivanders at 5 Months

  1. I call them blessing babies. When you have a child that takes most of your energy and attention, it seems like the next one is a happy, contented baby. They each have their own purpose, and I don't think the birth order of children is accidental.

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