I Can’t Believe I Just Ate That Much Sour Cream

So I made my own sour cream yesterday. It’s part of the GAPS diet that we are starting on Friday. Did you hear that? Friday. Are you ready for this? We’re so ready for this. We cleaned out our pantry this weekend. Here’s what that looked like.


Anyway, so back to the sour cream. You have to make sour cream from scratch because dairy items at the store haven’t been fermented long enough to aid the digestion process. It’s so easy to make and totally tastes amazing. You basically bring a liter of cream to a boil, then cool it down and add the yogurt culture. Then let it ferment for 24+ hours.

In what I’ve read Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride talks about sour cream like it’s ice cream – she says you can add it with fruit for a delicious dessert. Every time I read that I just thought “gross!” Who wants to eat sour cream for dessert?

But then I made it and it’s AMAZING. Well anything made from cream is amazing, so I guess even sour cream is delicious. Here’s where I made a mistake – it tasted like such creamy wonderfulness that I put it in a cup, mixed it with some chocolate rice milk and had a little indulgence last night.

I put it in a cup and drank it.

I drank sour cream.

I drank a glassful of probiotic sour cream.

Needless to say, I spent A LOT of time in the bathroom today. Wes said to me “sour cream is a condiment, Amber, not a drink!” Today I went and re-read those sections of the book and you’re supposed to introduce fermented dairy 1-2 teaspoons a day at first until your body gets used to it, eventually getting up to 1 cup a day.

Yea, I just sort of dive right into things.


5 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Just Ate That Much Sour Cream

  1. I love anything with cream too, I'd probably do the same thing.:) I'm intrigued by this GAPS diet. And I'm sorry to hear about Holden. That little video of him is so touching. Your kids are so adorable, and you and Wes are amazing parents! Good luck with everything. Let us know if you ever need anything (e.g., a night out — Jared and I make great babysitters).

  2. Haha your funny:)You've got me noticing the gluten free on foods. Now every time I pick up a container I'll look at carbs and gluten. I'm gonna become a freak! Glad to hear it's tasting yummy tho.

  3. Hi Amber, i was wondering if you could share your sour cream recipe? I see a lot of reference but I bet yours is the best since you ate a lot of it :)) Thanks a lot in advance.

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