Nausicaa and the Toxic Jungle

Dear Princess Nausicaa –

I wanted you to know that you helped me rid my house of cereal and processed junk today for my 3 year old son. My son Holden is Autistic, we think. And we’re starting a very strict new way of eating, called the GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology System Diet). We are starting the diet tomorrow and had to rid our house of all the rest of the food we were hanging onto until the VERY LAST MINUTE. Namely, cereal and chocolate milk.

I couldn’t have done it without you. As I was making my first batch of wholesome and organic chicken vegetable soup, I started talking to my son about how we’re going to have to throw the cereal in the garbage. He started a major scream-fest, which is normal for him. But then your plight popped into my head. Holden LOVES your stories from the Valley of the Wind. He’s constantly chattering about the Giant Warrior (pronounced by him “giant warriah!” and the “om shells” and the “toxic jungle.”

So I started an elaboration and told him that cereal is part of the toxic jungle! It’s actually making us sick and we need to throw it away and give it back to the Giant Warrior. Holden looked at me, quite interested in this idea and started talking about the toxic jungle too and how we need to keep the Giant Warrior buried beneath the earth.

Suddenly, he calls out to me “I’m stuck, I’m stuck, put the cereal in the garbage.” He wanted to get down and throw the cereal away – all on his own! So we went outside talking about getting rid of the toxic cereal and he dumped his favorite cereal right in the garbage! Then I gave him the next box, and the next and he did the same. Then we came inside and I explained to him that chocolate milk was part of the Toxic Jungle too! We raced back outside and he threw the toxic chocolate milk into the garbage to pacify the Giant Warrior.

I think he’ll be a little sad tomorrow when he can’t have these favorites anymore, but I want to tell you how grateful I am for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. I also love your strong, confident spirit, your strong moral code and your fearless leadership. Holden and I are faithful servants to you, Princess.

Love and admiration,



2 thoughts on “Nausicaa and the Toxic Jungle

  1. Your such a fun mom, Amber:) I don't think I've seen Nausicaa, Josh says I have and that it's one of X's loves it. But, I don't remember it. So, I'll have to bust it out and watch it, especially if I can use the Toxic Jungle idea to get them to do stuff:)

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