The Assessment

I’m happy to report that Holds is doing very well on the full GAPS diet. Intro/detox was hard but he’s thriving on the full diet. He sits happily eating carrots, drinking beet/carrot/lettuce/apple juice, cheese and meat. Now that there is a variety, he’s happy. And I love the fruit is a huge reward to him.

Me? It’s not as easy. I’ve been sick and tired all week. I caught a cold and had a bunch of other issues I will not disturb you with. Wes just feels achy. But I have to admit that most of my issues are mental. It’s REALLY hard to make every single meal from scratch. It’s tiring. It takes so much time. I work for 10ish hours a day and then cook for another 4. But seeing Holden actually eat things that are super healthy for him is a big payoff. But I have a lot of sympathy for people who have to go gluten free now. Baked goods just don’t turn out the same using coconut and almond flour. But at least I have my sour cream 🙂

We’ve been doing this diet for a week and I’m hoping it starts feeling a little more normal soon. Today was a great day. We had hamburgers for dinner wrapped in lettuce, rather than a bun. Holden ate 3! They were so good.

Anyway – that’s the diet update.

Today we met with the psychologist at the Carmen B. Pingree school. Everyone there was so unbelievably kind. I loved it there. They have a really long waiting list, but the doctor thinks Holden is too high-functioning for the school anyway. At least for now. But I got on the list anyway, in case he regresses or something. He told us what we already knew – Holden has high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder.

He has trouble emotionally and socially connecting with others, particularly his peers. Jabber is 70% of his language base, but he didn’t score as language deficient because he just barely passes. The doctor encouraged us to use ABA therapy to help close the gap between what he’s doing and what other kids his age are doing. Same thing for what he’s not doing that other kids can do. When he was talking I just kept remembering all the things I studied being a Psychology major. I mean we focused mostly on Behaviorism at USU but it seems so counter-intuitive when it’s your kid and not a pigeon or a lab rat that I’m working with.

But he gave us a lot of great advice and information to consider. We have several more appointments this month and then we’ll be able to make our decision on the best therapy for him.


4 thoughts on “The Assessment

  1. Amber, I just found out about everything. WOW! I have a friend who has autism in her family too. Two out of three kids with it, and a sister with two out two kids with it. Diet is key in their home too. Its exhausting, but once you get the hang of it, it will just come naturally. You are an amazing person, and amazing mom. You will know what to do.

  2. Oh my gosh Amber! This is all so crazy! I can't believe all the changes you've had to make and that your such a great sport about making them. I'd say I could never do it but I guess when it comes to my kids I'd do anything for them. Good luck in continuing on, I hope it becomes easier soon and that within a few months it just becomes a way of life. You seriously have amazed me with all your dedication to Holden. You get the best mother of the year award in my book:)

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