The Trouble With School

This week sucked. I’ll just come out and say that. Some days are good and some days are hard, and this week the hard days overcame the good. We met with Autism Journeys. It’s a therapy place in Lehi for kids with autism. They focus on socialization skills mostly, using Floor Time and kind of downplayed ABA therapy. The people were nice but it didn’t feel right. So far, we’ve been implementing ABA therapy using this website the Psychologist at the Pingree school recommended and it’s really great. I think this may be the best approach for Holds. We have an appointment this week with the school district to see what they can recommend for him. Anyway, so after he went there he was just so keyed up – that night he was just a crazy person. He gets really stressed out when anything or any place is introduced. Especially one that is stressful or intimidating.

Anyway, so then this week he had a program at his preschool. So far this school has been awesome for him. They are very structured, the teachers are AWESOME, it’s regimented so he’s used to it, they are really sweet to him and encouraging, and it’s really nice. Dr. Peterson said as long as he’s experiencing “wins” there, keep him there. He said the Pingree school is better for kids who are less high-functioning. But if he regresses, we should consider it. Did I mention that this Pingree school is $25,500 for a year? For preschool. My entire University education – including my stint at Cambridge University – was less than that.

Anyway, I’m getting off point. So I went to his preschool Spring program and it was just absolutely heartbreaking. Holden just got so scared that all the parents were there. It was completely overwhelming for him. He barely engaged in the songs. And he burst into tears the moment it was over and begged to go home.

That night he peed his pants twice. I think it’s because he was just stressed out. I know that happens to 3 year olds occasionally, but it never happens to Holden. He’s too big of a perfectionist. He hates making mistakes so it made it even more traumatic for him.

That’s all. I’m sad this week. And that’s all there is to say today.


2 thoughts on “The Trouble With School

  1. Oh Amber 😦 I'm so sorry. What an awful experience! Poor Holden and poor you.:( Your still and amazing mom! Hang in there tomorrows another day. The video of them singing turned out cute at least:)

  2. I had kids that wouldn't participate in school programs. Parker was the worst. It terrified him. He tried it once when he was very little and never again–not even Primary Programs. I just didn't make him. If he said no, he sat with me–most of his elementary years. I have grandkids that can't stand any changes in their lives. They freak out and act out in awful ways. One is in 2nd grade. He is traumatized or thinks he is if any plans change. They have been to counseling and have learned some great things to help the situation, but he still reacts badly sometimes. One is graduating from high school. Life has been hard, but he is doing well and successful at school. I see so many of the problems you say Holden has in my kids or grandkids. Most of us have been through similar things with our kids. You and Wes are loving parents. That's all he needs. He'll have a great life.

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