Our Autism Diet: GAPS and Gluten Free

You might think I eat, breathe and drink autism, based on my posts. I asked Wes if he thinks people will think we’re obsessed. He says this blog is a great way to document what’s going on and that it is really beneficial for us. Even if nobody else reads it.

I keep getting asked how our GAPS diet is going. Well the truth is, I jumped off the full GAPS wagon weeks ago. And I’ve been trying to find myself ever since. I left because I lost too much weight on the diet and lost my milk. Fitz was crying every time I nursed and I didn’t realize why until I pumped and created next to nothing! So my dear friend told me to go get a shake. Which I did.

So here’s what we’re doing. We are on a mostly Modified GAPS/Gluten Free/Whole Foods diet. I hate the word diet – it drives me to overdose on Snickers and cookies. There needs to be another word.

The GAPS diet has been amazing for what it is taught us. I like it so much better than the “Autism Diet” which is Gluten Free/Casein Free. Commercially-made gluten free foods are jam packed with starches and weird ingredients like xantham gum and disaccharides. Even homemade ingredients have a lot of sugar and starches. How can that be better than wheat and spelt? And I get that some people really do have allergies to gluten (Celiac disease) but Holden (unlike most autistic people, apparently) has never had any digestive issues. So it’s hard to know if he really needs the GAPS diet or even the GFCF diet. Whereas the GAPS diet is amazingly healthful: no sugar, just meat, veggies, fruits, honey, and homemade dairy products.

But sometimes I just need some darn grains. And dessert!

So anyway, here’s where we’re at: we eat mostly GAPS foods – eggs, meat, vegetables, nuts and nut butter, fruit, honey, and yogurt (I can’t figure out lacto-fermented vegetables). Occasionally we eat gluten-free foods/desserts like chicken nuggets, chocolate flourless cake, and pasta. And super duper rarely we might eat sourdough wheat bread, that I have yet to make but keep thinking about.

Here are foods that Holden eats eagerly:
Banana pancakes
Butternut pancakes
Nut butter bread
Hamburgers (bunless)
Scrambled eggs
Zucchini bread (GAPS)
Frozen Yogurt

Foods he eats with some persuasion
Cooked carrots
Green Smoothies
Pot Roast

Foods he still will not touch


5 thoughts on “Our Autism Diet: GAPS and Gluten Free

  1. Hey Amber, we read your blog and it's great! Keep documenting all of this, it might be very helpful (maybe you'll pen a bestseller in 5-10 years or something, or just have a very cool journal, who knows?). – Dan & Brenda Lower

  2. I have been enjoying these posts and was actually considering trying the GAPS diet because of some digestion issues and possible gluten allergy. I actually didn't do Gaps because turns out I wasn't allergic to gluten just eating crappy! haha But I wanted to suggest another book to you. It literally changed my life (I know corny). It's called the Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. It has a lot of the same principles as the GAPS diet maybe even more extreme. All of her books are wonderful and her website has a great downloadable PDF book for healthy kid-friendly recipes. Anyways I could ramble on. But if you have any questions feel free to email me. I have been doing this diet on and off for a couple months and feel great! And I also hate the word "diet too." She also has some great suggestions for healthy alternatives to everything. I've found a few things that I love too. Especially alternatives to dairy and white bread, etc. My email is clairbringhurst@gmail.com. Sorry to ramble…

  3. It sounds like he eats some pretty exotic foods (for a toddler)! I am glad that you are working with OT and monitoring his intake but I am also glad that you have found a system that works well for your family…sometimes trying to limit all of the "bad for your intestines to digest" foods can be WAY more of a pain than a help (especially when you are implementing it for the whole family! I love reading your blog, it helps me understand a little more about what the families I am working with might be going through…plus I like hearing about your family!

  4. I'm glad you aren't doing the strict GAPS diet. It seems too radical and he probably will do fine with just healthy foods and the other therapy stuff you do. You guys are doing so great. That kid is a genius! Love hearing about it all. In my experiences radical is never good. You're using your common sense instead of someone else's thinking. Good for you.

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