Holden and his Giant Memory

Like many autistic kids, Holden has a knack of reciting lines from movies and songs. I got a book at the library our SLP recommended called “Polar Bear Polar Bear, What do you Hear?” and it had an audio CD with it. After the first time he listened to it, Holden started reciting it back to me.

He loves reciting it to anybody who will listen. And he even does the part of the book where the narrator says: “want to read along? When you hear this sound (ding) please turn the page.” And then starts all the way over. But he’s very tired here so he just does it once. But still, it’s cute.

He has started to generalize this with other animals and will ask them what they hear (Eg “Dinosaur, dinosaur, what do you here?”) and then make up sounds for them, which is very encouraging. In fact, his imagination has been improving a lot. In the pool the other day he said he was a crocodile. Every time he does pretend play it’s like a little ray of hope and sunshine.


4 thoughts on “Holden and his Giant Memory

  1. He's so stinking cute! What a great memory! I've read that book a thousand times and I can't even recite it after the first page.

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